We often take relationships for granted.

Normally, we don’t try to analyze our relationships, till it goes wrong. And when it goes wrong, it is already late.


Relationships require servicing, similar to a car, which requires servicing every month.


When you forget to service your car, your car may malfunction. That is exactly what happens with a relationship.


We don’t give a dime to what our husbands or wives think about us. What I am saying is true. Did you ever try to figure out why your spouse reacted differently yesterday? You may view it as a normal behaviour and pass it off. Things may become normal after a while, and the same behaviour again takes you by storm. If you don’t find the exact cause of the repeat behaviour, you are into some serious trouble.


You don’t take each and every abnormal behaviour seriously


Your spouse may have had a bad day. You suddenly feel that some of the reactions shown are very strange. Though, you find it bizarre, yet, you are not ready to dwell your thoughts on it. The reason is that you don’t find those reactions significant enough, which then leads to complacency on your part.


Detailing is the key here. If you want to have a healthy relationship with your spouse, it is important for you to keep track of each and every behavioural pattern of your spouse. That’s where you get the signal whether everything is alright, or something amiss is about to happen.


Because you hurt your partner


To hurt is a crime in a relationship. I have seen relationships break up just because one of the partners was deeply hurt by some comments made by the other. Emotional hurt is not always something said in haste or in anger. There are times when something has been said, which to you may appear very normal, but you don’t know that your spouse or partner has been deeply hurt. That is very dangerous.


You don’t care about smaller things regarding your partner


Knowing small things about your partner matters a lot. Fulfilling smaller expectations is very fruitful for your relationship. It’s the little things that change the dimension in a relationship. People always remember small things that you do for them – a small gesture, a small gift, and a small token of appreciation is always remembered. Learn to fulfil smaller expectations and you will see your relationship flourish.


Never deceive


Deceiving your partner sets your relationship back. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, and repeat it again, you may well kill your relationship. Deceiving is very bad. You not only lose trust, but you lose the platform on which relationship was built. Remember, once that is done you are sure to lose your partner forever.





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