Tanmay Bhat slams celebrities in his video

Tanmay has made mockery of his freedom of speech, when he took apart two of the most popular celebrities Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar in one of his videos.


Tanmay bhat video

No sooner had the video come out there has been an outpouring of anger against him from all sections of the society. Tanmay Bhat who has a taste for comedies has gone straight into the bad books of the political parties with his latest video. (more…)

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Alan Pulido has been rescued

Mexican international footballer,  Alan Pulido is freed today.

He was kidnapped on Saturday in Tamaulipas state near Ciudad Victoria. The footballer who is currently with Olympiakos in Greece has also played for Mexico numerous times. The abduction that took place in Tamaulipas was a pre-planned attack. Alan Pulido was returning after a party along with his girlfriend when the kidnappers who were in a group of 6 took him away from his car, while leaving his girlfriend unharmed. Alan Pulido

Image source: cdn Alan Pulido


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IPL 2016 final is turning out to be exciting

Sunrises Hyderabad have produced a great performance and their batsmen have crossed 200 runs in the allotted 20 overs.  Though, the total looks good, but in Bengaluru this total might look small, especially with smaller grounds. Royal Challengers Chahal in the mid break interview said that with dew it will become a little difficult for the bowlers to hold on to the ball, which may go in favour of their batsmen. ipl final live


Image Source: AFP

And the dew has indeed spread on the field. In the last few overs of Sunrises Hyderabad innings, the bowlers were struggling to grip the ball. (more…)

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Nadal injuries shattered dreams of his 10th French open crown

As French open 2016 has entered its second week, there is one question every tennis fan wants to talk about.


Tennis fans love to share their opinion on who can win this year’s French Open men’s title.  Can Nadal again add to his tally of 9 French Open titles? Will he be able to pass the Djokovich hurdle?


Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal announces he is pulling out of the French Open. (Source AP)


Nadal is slated to meet Djokovich in the semi finals, if the players stay true to the draw. (more…)

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Champions league final 2016

The day has arrived, and time will come to a standstill, when the two giants from Madrid will fight for the coveted trophy in the champions league final.


There is another surprise finalist and he will be none other than referee Mark Clattenburg.  He will be running down the pitch at San Siro Stadium, after just one week when he was a referee at Wembley in the FA cup final. champions league final Real coach

Image Source: bbc.com


It will be Zinedin Zidane’s first champions league final as the head coach. The pundits say that the contest will be played more on the chessboard, rather than on the actual field. However, it will all boil down to how the teams execute the plans on the field. No matter what the coach plans, it’s the players ability to implement the plans that will matter in the end. (more…)

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The best night club in Kualalumpur

If you happen to walk opposite the PETRONAS tower in Kualalumpur, right across from opposite the Surya KLCC, you will come across a road, which takes you to a bunch of night clubs in the Kualalumpur city.


That particular lane houses Honolulu night club, there is also a Bollywood theme music night club, but the one I am trying to talk about is Beach Club kl.

Then there’s Aloha nearby.


If a person can hire a taxi and go to Changkat Bukit Bintang, he will come across, lots of restaurants, bars, and pubs having a party atmosphere. kl beach club

However, none can match Beach club, from a pure entertainment perspective. There is a slogan pasted on a steel plate near the gate. It says – “if you have not visited Beach Club, then you have never been to KL”. As soon as you get to the entrance, you will find a board, which has entry fee description, along with the list of drinks, one would like to have. The first drink is complimentary. (more…)

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Will Running Game Actually Help You Attract Women That Are Genuinely Interested In You

Are You Making The #1 Dating Mistake Most Men Make When Getting To Know a Woman?

Does Buying A Woman A Drink Make It More Or Less Likely That They Will Go Home With You?


Just nod your head if you can relate to this scenario on attracting women:

You’ve approached a set and opened them.

You’ve seamlessly incorporated a false time constraint plus some body-rocking into your routine, eventually sitting down with them.

You’ve gone ahead and built up some quick rapport with your target’s friends as well as disarmed the two AMOGs at the table. approaching women

You’ve negged your target pretty hard, gotten your IOIs and decided to move the group.

You’ve gone somewhere else, chilled for a bit, and then isolated your target.

You’ve gotten pretty deep into Comfort, she gave you straight IOIs and you continued to give her value.

You’ve moved only your target to another location, and later took her home and then get intimate.

A few weeks pass and you realize that you don’t really have anything in common with this girl.

You don’t even really like her that much, so you go out again.

… And the same thing happens! (more…)

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Does Buying A Woman A Drink Make It More Or Less Likely That She Will Go Home With You

Do You Know The Key To Attracting Women Without Having To “Run Game”

What A Woman Really Thinks When You Tell Her She’s Beautiful


Here’s the answer.

Never buy a girl a drink if you think it will help your chances of getting laid.

… Because it won’t.

Trust me.

Okay, fine. Don’t trust me. woman

Go try it yourself!

Buy that gorgeous girl at the bar a drink and see what that does for you.

Did you get her number?

Did you call her?

Did she ever return your calls?


Well what did I tell you?!

A lot of guys think that this is a great way to show affection to a woman without any of the emotional stuff.

Or even worse, they think that, like opening doors and pulling out a woman’s chair for her, it’s what men are “supposed” to do. (more…)

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What A Woman Really Thinks When You Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Are You Making The #1 Dating Mistake Most Men Make When Getting To Know a Woman?

Do You Know The Key To Attracting Women Without Having To “Run Game”


A lot of men don’t take the time to sit down and think about this.

I know I sure didn’t.

And it makes sense that no one would really think this through.

See, when we see a woman that we are physically attracted to, the thing that excites us is her physical beauty, not her stellar personality. she is beautiful

Even if she has a stellar personality, you have no way of knowing that if you’ve just met, so what do you do?

You make a quick judgement call based solely on a woman’s appearance.

That is what decides whether or not you approach her.

So, it makes sense that, at some point during a conversation with a beautiful woman, you will want to explain to her just exactly why you came over.

But why was that again?

Because she’s beautiful?

You tell her how great she looks in that dress, those shoes, whatever.


Big mistake! (more…)

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Do You Know The Key To Attracting Women Without Having To “Run Game”

Are You Making The #1 Dating Mistake Most Men Make When Getting To Know a Woman?


I’ve been getting a whole bunch of emails like these, so I’m going to save you guys a whole bunch of time and just go ahead and answer them all at the same time.

– Question #1 –

Hey there,

I am recently getting back into the dating world after about a 5 year break, and I have to tell you, it’s not going too well.

I didn’t really even know where to begin, so I asked some buddies of mine who seem to be pretty good with approaching women, and they all tell me that the bar is where it’s at – that that’s where all the beautiful women are.

So, I’ve been going to the bar about three times a week trying to get phone numbers and it hasn’t really been working out for me. Sure, I get a couple of phone numbers every once in a while, but I’ve got to be honest – I hate going to the bar. attracting women


Image Source: onlinedatingfirst.com

I’m just not the kind of person who likes being in a really crowded place, has to wait around for the bar tender, and I’m not that much of a drinker. (more…)

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