France in the quarter finals of Euro 2016

After conceding an early goal against republic of Ireland, France came back in the second half strongly.

irish goalkeeper save

Irish goalkeeper saves a shot by Gignac at Lyon against France in the Euro 2016

France scored two goals in the 58th and 61st minute. The two goals by Griezmann changed the course of the match. Ireland put up a resolute defense in the first half, but just couldn’t handle the pace after being down to 10 men, with still 23 minutes left in the match. (more…)

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Wales enters quarters in the Euro 2016

Wales have won the round of 16 match against Northern Ireland, after a Bale cross from the left prompted Northern Ireland defender to push inside his own goal.


Gareth Bale in the post match interview Photo- courtesy

Gareth McAuley in trying to clear off the Bale pass, unfortunately puts the ball inside his own goal in the 75th minute, which saw Wales take the lead. It was a keen contest and amid tense environment, the stadium was lit up with red and green. However, the first half was dull, with both sides playing nervously. (more…)

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Importance of star ruby stone

Ruby is a precious stone worn for its strength, protection against evils, and the charm of nobility associated with it.

It stands for love and passion, drawing good luck and friends. The star ruby, a rare variety of ruby, amplifies these effects and powers of ruby. Star ruby is a rare kind of ruby, which is cherished for exhibiting asterism. It gets its unique name from the 6-rayed star that shines over the surface when you move it.

ruby stone

The Star Characteristics

The star ruby gets its “star effect” from its rutile inclusions which are like needles. It is also the rutile that gives it the silky shimmer. Ruby can have a luster that’s almost equivalent to fine diamond when it’s polished. (more…)

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Republic of Ireland may find it tough against Belgium

Roy Keane has already spoken about Belgium’s Eden Hazard talent ahead of the Euro 2016 tie.

John O Shea Euro 2016

John O’Shea

However, it’s John O’Shea who has sounded the warning bell when he says that Belgium coach has too many weapons in his armour. O’Shea has rubbed shoulders with the best in the Premier league, and he knows how hard Belgians can be. (more…)

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Varsity Blues actor Ron Lester dies

Ron Lester is dead.

Ron Lester

Ron Lester

The actor who starred in ‘Varsity Blues’ has died at the age of 45 after a prolonged illness. Ron Lester was struggling with liver and kidney problems for a long time. He was in the hospital for the last 4 months. He always had issues with obesity in the past. He even gained weight up to 508 pounds at one point. (more…)

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What killed British Labour MP Jo Cox

In a terrible incident in Northern England, a 52 year old man shot British MP Jo Cox.

Jo Cox

British MP Jo Cox

He shot at least twice initially, and when Jo Cox fell on the ground he began stabbing her. He shot her for the third time on her face. He again wanting to shoot her began loading his gun, just when another old man of 77 years tackled him and prevented him to shoot for the 4th time. However, it was too late. (more…)

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Donald Trump Dallas Rally on June 16th

If you want to hear Trump speak, head down to South Lamar Street, the rally is expected to start at 7 PM.

For those who are not sure of the exact address, here is one –

Gilley’s Dallas – South Side Ballroom
1135 S. Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215 

Here are few more details you need to know – (more…)

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Spain makes a winning start in the Euro 2016

Czech defended for 87 minutes till that cross from Iniesta came on for the lunging Pique who scored a perfect header to give Spain a victory in their opening Group D encounter.

Euro 2016

Football Soccer – Spain v Czech Republic – EURO 2016 – Group D – Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse, France – 13/6/16
Spain’s Gerard Pique celebrates after scoring their first goal
REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Although, the stats show a possession of 67% in favour of Spain, yet, with only 33% possession, the Czech did well with 3 shots on the target, and the one was very close where Fabrigas had to make a goal line clearance to deny a header from Theodor Gebre Selasie to enter the net. (more…)

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Stories doing rounds in the aftermath of Orlando nightclub shooting

A day has passed since the shooting incident at the Pulse Gay bar, and yet stories about Orlando shooting have not died down.

pulse gay bar

Two women hold each other at a vigil outside The Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street, following the shooting massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., June 12, 2016. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

Club authorities recall how the club has prepared for the Saturday night special Latin Flavour. There were around 300 patrons on the fateful night and more than 50 have died with 50 more injured. The party went on way into Sunday Morning when it all began. (more…)

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Orlando shooting – shooter dead

Shooting occurred at a Central Florida night club at around 2 AM on Sunday. A witness said that Orlando shooting took place with around 100 people still inside the club.

pulse orlando

Pulse Orlando shooting scene Image Source-

The shooting happened when people inside were probably having their last sip. Pulse Orlando is a famous gay night club. It was 2 hours past midnight when it posted on its facebook page, asking guests to leave Pulse at the earliest, just after the shooting. (more…)

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