Practical Tips for How to Use Surplus Money

It is a great feeling to have surplus cash–but when you make poor choices, your finances could be affected. To avoid becoming too carried away with your surplus fund, you need to properly come up with a plan and make responsible choices.


To get the most benefit from your surplus, you must spend wisely and make smart investment decisions. How you decide to invest the surplus money would determine your business’ future success. use surplus money


You could decide to use the excess fund as your salary or bonus, but it is more worthwhile to invest it in things that’ll further boost the growth of your business. To help you manage your excess fund better, here are some practical tips you can try: (more…)

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The Connection of Smoking with Stroke

Smoking is not only one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide but also one of the leading causes of fires worldwide when cigarettes are left still burning somewhere in the house where they can set something on fire and later burn the whole house. One of the most terrible effects of smoking is the number of diseases it causes both on the smoker and the people near the smoker. One of these diseases is the stroke. Stroke and smoking are proven to be closely connected. Here are the disasters smoking can bring to your life through a stroke and how to prevent it.

quit smoking

How Smoking Causes Stroke


Tobacco smoke contains over four thousand different chemicals that promote the development of toxins that cause and accelerate the development of stroke. These toxins increase the risk of stroke. They damage the different arteries of the body by making them rupture. Damage to the arteries keeps blood from reaching the brain, increasing the risk of blood clot or stopping the flow of blood completely. This causes a stroke. People who have an increased risk of getting a stroke can also have other diseases and chronic infection, which lead to other types of stroke. The more you smoke, the more you stroke. (more…)

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My first twelve months in the stock market

The first 8 months in the stock market was different from the last 4 months. In terms of my experiences and my approach towards the trade, both periods were different, and at times opposite to each other. I was more inclined to lower my losses in the first 6 months in particular, and then I was able to control my losses somewhat by the end of the 8th month. When I was convinced that I am now able to control my losses I decided to earn out of my trades. stock analysis

I feel that to make profits in trading one has to be a little more offensive. Since I was inclined to cut only the losses my whole trading style had become defensive. My perception from the entry to the exit was more to get out of the trade at the earliest. I will try to book a small profit at the slightest opportunity, which didn’t help me in anyway. (more…)

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Cysteamine A Safer Melasma Cream

If you are struggling with brown-gray patches on your skin caused by hyperpigmentation, you might have melasma. A common skin problem, melasma is characterized by brown or gray patches that usually appears on the face, neck, and arms. Most frequently, when melasma appears, it is on the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the upper lip, and the chin. melasma

Although melasma may appear because of too much exposure to sunlight, it may also be triggered by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and with thyroid disease. Although the risk of developing melasma may be higher if you have someone in your family who has it, preventive measures such as applying sunscreen and avoiding sunlight may help. (more…)

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What I learnt after my first 8 months in the stock market

I am able to lose less now. Yes, when I started my journey, I lost more. I had no control on how to take hold of my losses. When I look back now and follow my past 8 months, I feel that I am much more decisive these days. I find that I am able to get out of a trade when I want to, as compare to what I did earlier. Initially, I waited for things to turn in my favour, instead of getting out of a trade and cutting my losses. How to invest in the stock market

Now, I am in a zone where discipline has become my forte. Importantly, I am trading much less. I have learnt the significance of stop-losses. (more…)

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6 Retention Marketing Tips for Bloggers

There was a time when marketing and sales were considered one in the same. Yet, with advances in technology, traditional business functions have become more granular. In addition, we can segment our target audience in a myriad of ways from location to age to purchase history and more. When it comes to blogging, marketing strategies are focused on obtaining new visitors and maintaining a loyal audience.

marketing tips for bloggers

While it’s often the case that some bloggers are focused on attracting new visitors, an increasing number of bloggers are turning towards marketing with their current fanbase in mind. This is known as retention marketing, or lifecycle marketing. It is also known as loyalty marketing. The goal is to keep your visitors happy and coming back for more. (more…)

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Everything you need to Know about Power Banks

What are power banks?

Power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere. They’re the fastest growing charging electronics in the market and the reason is we’re able to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops wherever we are.

What types of power banks are there?

There are many different types of power banks in the market. There are many companies that sell power banks because there’s such a high demand for them. As a result, there has been a lot of innovation happening over the years, paving way for many types of chargers in the market. Each type of power bank has its role and specialty that makes it useful.

However, there are two types of power banks that are basically the basis of all power banks, and those are ones that have low and high power capacities. power bank


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The Various Metrics for VoIP and Wide Area Networking

Voice over Internet (VoIP) and Wide Area Network (WAN) are now ubiquitous. Many people nowadays, find it appropriate to use VoIP. Similarly, organisations find it necessary to use VoIP for cross-border calls as opposed to using traditional methods of communication. However, one important aspect about VoIP is the quality. As the use of the technology increases, it becomes necessary for service providers to ensure that they provide VoIP services of the highest possible quality. voice over internet

Interestingly, measuring the quality of VoIP service offering is not as easy as it may sound. On the one hand, this is a relatively new technology that is still developing. On the other hand, we still have a long way to go before we can fully define the particular metrics suitable for measuring VoIP services. Here are a few metrics for VoIP and its related technology, WAN. (more…)

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Rate Calculator For Debt Consolidation

People who deal with credit cards and have taken a loan or have a pending balance on the credit cards would easily understand the meaning and importance of the cibil score or the credit score. Cibil or credit score or report simply denotes a graph where an account holder’s reputation in terms of paying back the loan is straight away reflected. The score truly depends upon the behavior of the debtor towards his or her cards and the loan payments. debt consolidation

A high cibil score means that the account holder is responsible enough to pay all his installments and interests on time. This score is calculated on a very technical platform where various aspects such as the due date maintenance, regular payments, past loan repayments etc. are calculated. In case a person fails to pay the periodical interest on time or have missed out on the due dates or is irregular towards the loan payments then the cibil score gets decreased which denotes that the particular debtor is not good at paying back the debts he or she holds. (more…)

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