Why marriages succeed or fail?


The first thing that you can actually do is think hard on why you committed a blunder. Mistakes do happen, but why the blunder. It says that you have been committing mistakes repeatedly. Mistakes are small little actions that do not affect the outcome much, but there’s a problem associated with it.


Why Marriages Succeed Or fail


Mistakes make you bolder. It gives you that extra confidence that you can get away with it, just because you have been getting away for so long. Every time you get away with a mistake, you are making a move on a subconscious level to make even more dangerous mistakes. And that leads to blunder. When you get in that zone, you are living dangerously.


You know that you can be caught. Most of the blunder that people commit in a relationship is more due to wanting a change. The love for newness especially in marriages can be troublesome. There is always a want to explore outside existing relationships. It gives a sense of fulfilment, and also a new avenue for pleasure. Sometimes it work, and sometimes it doesn’t.


When it doesn’t work, it’s finished, but when it works, there’s a possibility that relationships will grow. And that’s where the blunder happens.


Tell the truth if you are caught


Its fine till the time you have been able to cheat successfully. However, if you are caught, it’s better to bare the truth. Not just to your spouse, but also to the third person in a relationship. Not doing so will perhaps, lead to dangerous consequences. You may be taken to task by both the parties.


Get back to your first one


It is probably the hardest thing to do. Keeping both happy at the same time is even harder. However, some men are good at it, and if you can actually keep your spouse and your girlfriend happy together, then you can continue the relationship, or else, go back to your spouse, instead of losing money in a court case.


Ponder on why you left your spouse


Can you reconcile and get back? It is for you to ask yourself. Do you know what made you leave your spouse? If you know the answers, find whether you can follow those and get back. It’s never easy to maintain new relationships. But you can always get back and adjust to old relationships faster.


There is a saying that also holds true in marriages.


“Old wine tastes better”. In fact old wine also carries a hefty price tag. And, therefore, old relationships always carry significance in life.



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