Bosses are typically unique.


Every successful boss will somehow come out with a strangely unique feature.


Though, individually, some of these bosses never had certain quality when they were not bosses, however, when they eventually became a boss, they somehow inculcate rare qualities, which either make them great, or make them appear utterly foolish.


successful boss
Experience plays a critical role in the making of a boss. When he begins to taste success, he also begins to learn and inculcate new traits. There is a sharp contrast in the way a boss is before he becomes successful, and after he becomes successful. The same qualities that he has before he becomes successful may not be distinctly visible. However, once he attains success, the hidden qualities that a boss has come to the fore, and those who see him suddenly finds a new boss.


He knows how to find success


There is one difference between a mediocre and a successful boss – and that is the ability to find success from nowhere. A successful boss has this uncanny knack to smell the route of success. He has a gut feeling, which always helps him achieve success.


A successful boss also understands what has failed him before, and does not repeat the very same mistake. He builds on his losses, and once when he gains his position, he strikes and gets success.


He chooses the right team


The best results come from the core, and the core for any boss is his team. The better the team he has, there are more chances of success for him. His team will eventually get him the result. Now, the real challenge for any boss is who he chooses to be in his team. The kind of person he chooses depends a lot on his judgement to weed out the best guys. A successful boss knows to read people, and have the best in his team.


He has a psychological edge over his boys


A successful boss has this uncanny knack of understanding the limitations and potential of his boys, and dealing with them accordingly. He gets into the head and makes them realize their responsibility of their jobs. A successful boss also has an aura about him, which makes him appear dominant, and different from others.


He has a vision


It is clearly the most important trait you will come across in a successful boss. He has a clear cut vision, about what he will achieve and how he will he achieve. It is the most significant trait that separates a successful boss from others.


By Rajiv Sighamony

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