Bad Credit And Its Refinancing

Bad credit or bad debt is a situation where the chance of recovering a loan gets null. From the debtor’s end it is a situation where one does not have the finance to pay back the debt or loans that he or she has borrowed from the creditors. The two major steps that is required to be taken in such sort of a bad debt situation involves the following- bankruptcy

1. Bankruptcy– it is one of the alternatives that people often choose when they are in the situation of a bad debt. People opt for declaring themselves as bankrupt and they have an intuition that the problems would end there which is just a myth. The truth lies in the fact that the problems do not end at the declaration of bankruptcy.The creditors would anyhow want to get their money back and then the law or the jurisdiction has to play its role in getting the money out from the debtor in any way possible. (more…)

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Guidelines To Consolidate Loans

When a person is stuck with debts all around and cannot cope up with the due dates and periodical payments, it is likely that the person’s reputation with the creditors and of course the cibil score in case of credit cards debts would go for a toss. It will directly have its effects on the cibil score and decrease the report. consolidate loans

A bad cibil score would mean that the debtor would face problems in applying for further loans and would not be issued with any new credit cards as well. In order to bring oneself out of this hectic situation, people look for the various debts settlement agencies that work for the debtors under bad credits. Just finding out a debt settlement agency and getting enrolled with a plan is not a wise thing to do. (more…)

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How To Detect And Replace CMOS Battery Failure of Your Computer

Every computer has a small battery on its motherboard. It is used to provide power to the CMOS on the computer. CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip on your computer remembers everything like Hard Disk, time and date etc. The CMOS battery provides power to the CMOS chip always i.e., even when your computer is OFF to save all the settings. So, it is important at the time of booting of your computer and other tasks.laptop battery

CMOS battery is a small battery fitted on the motherboard of your computer. It has a life of around five years. You need to use the computer regularly to extend the life of the CMOS battery. The computer power supply increases availability of standby current and hence increases life of the battery. (more…)

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Rebuild a Laptop Battery Pack – Step By Step Guideline

If your laptop is not holding a charge even after several hours of recharge, it is time to replace the battery. Your windows will start showing the message “consider replacing the battery” at the lower right side of the taskbar. You will have to find the equivalent model and pay a huge amount to buy a laptop battery. In some cases, you may not find the equivalent battery for your obsolete laptop. One of the best ways to restore your laptop to the normal working condition is by repairing the laptop battery in a cost effective way.

You will find laptops of reputed brands at many online stores. You will be lucky to land on best deals for the laptops being discontinued. However, many users are unaware that laptop batteries need to be replaced after three or four years of usage since the life of the battery decreases after repeated recharges. (more…)

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My first two months in the stock market

The idea to trade in stocks came after one of my friends shared his story on his intraday trading success. I didn’t join then, took my own time, and finally when I decided I was prepared to face the consequences of my action. Initially, it looked so easy. My first stock was a cash buy, and I made a profit the very next day. stock market

It didn’t took me long to realize that if I indeed want to make money faster, I will have to begin with intraday trading.  I was trying to understand how the trading takes place. I would watch training videos, and read print materials. I was very optimistic about my earning possibilities.` (more…)

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10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well (Infographic)

Did you ever imagine being a physician, an attorney or an engineer when you were still young? Do you remember your parents’ constant reminder to study hard, making these occupations as an example proven to make you wealthy and successful?

But, these are not the only positions listed as the best paying jobs. You can be successful and excel at any career, and as long as you are devoted and determined in pursuing it, you will certainly bring home a large amount of income. Other posts are management, jobs in information technology and entrepreneurship which nowadays offer a compelling amount of pay.

Apart from the professions mentioned, there is a variety of offerings that reward lump sum amounts of money.

We can tell you that there are other unique livelihoods that may not be quite familiar to you but could give you more pay. Being a virtual head hunter, for instance, could take care of your bills. This is just one of the various jobs that could pay you more than what is sufficient for your needs.

Here is an infographic that we made including the peculiar jobs that can pay you well.  (more…)

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Hurricane Matthew approaches US

The people of US are gearing up to face one of the fiercest hurricanes in recent times. Hurricane Matthew has been creating havoc in Caribbean and is set to hit the coast of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. There are reports that the hurricane has taken more than 25 lives, and is set to create more havoc in the coming days.

major hurricane matthew

Empty Stores along the US coastal town


More than 2 million people have been asked to leave their homes and look for safer places. Reports confirm that people from the coast in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia are fleeing inland. Shop owners are emptying their stores and preparing to lower the damages. The hurricane is making its way past the Bahamas, and will be soon in the vicinity of US coasts. (more…)

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Could Sindhu have done anything differently at the Rio Olympics badminton final?

I was quite apprehensive even before the match started against Carolina Marin.

Looking back at the Semi Finals with Li Xuerui, it was obvious that Marin can be a tough nut to crack. It is not that she is unbeatable, but her confidence of being at the two world Championships finals, in fact winning both, and also winning the All England Finals definitely gives her an edge in the all important Olympics finals. 

marin vs sindhu

Carolina Marin at Rio finals against Sindhu

When I look back at the Final match, I could easily say that Marin gained advantage with the attack on Sindhu’s backhand. Sindhu’s backhand return lacked pace. There was not enough pace on her return from clears on her left side, which gave Carolina Marin an opportunity to build the attack. Till the time the shuttle was on her forehand, Sindhu would look to attack, but her backhand returns against the clears especially in the first two games let her down. (more…)

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Book Review – A student’s guide to traveling without spending money

I have traveled extensively, and I keep traveling. I know what it takes to travel.

You need a hell lot of money to put together a trip. No matter how stingy you are, travel still makes you spend, inspite of all your efforts to keep the budget low.

Travel Book

For those who love traveling, and dream traveling far and wide, but just don’t have enough left in the corpus, to plan their trip. Here is a little advice for you, and I am sure you will love my piece of advice. Believe me I haven’t seen anything like this before. I am talking about a student traveling guide that will help you plan trips and tours, without you having to spend money. (more…)

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