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How long have you been in a job?


Maybe 5 years, 10 years or maybe 15 years. I know how it feels to work day in and day out. For some, it’s not working, it’s slogging. And when you toil to make a living, it makes you hollow. You search for excuses every day to slip out of work. It’s never easy, because if you keep on slipping, you may well be fired.




Waking up and going to work can be really annoying, particularly when you do not enjoy your job. Many of you somehow manage to tolerate the daily rigours of putting up at a place where you don’t enjoy. And you do it, not out of choice, but out of necessity, because you don’t have any options left.


At times, you leave your old place of work, and try and look for new avenues, believing that it will be challenging, and more enjoyable. You even change your job, but what do you get eventually. After working for a month, you begin to hate this job even more than the previous one. The reason is you now tend to believe that every job is the same – boring and monotonous.


They only give you money and nothing else. There is no mental satisfaction at all. Somehow, these jobs enslave you – that’s what everyone feels. Working for someone is the most difficult task. Firstly, you have to take all the nonsense that your boss throws at you. And if your manager or your employer interferes too much, then you may really like to slap him one day, and run away. The pity is that you just can’t do it.


Even if you do slap and run away, you will have to encounter the same situation everywhere. Till you work with someone, you will have to stay accountable for your actions.


The real question here is – is there a way out to earn freely, without slogging under someone? You may still want to slog, but not for others. Life is not too kind to everyone. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. If everyone becomes entrepreneurs then who will work for them.


However, if you are smart enough, you can become the owner of a business. You can do things that you have been dreaming every day. Many of you love to be called a boss. After working and trudging hard for someone, what you get is just the money, and no recognition for completing difficult tasks. Your boss in the higher echelon takes all the credit.


Therefore, you love to carry the feelings of being a boss.


But becoming a boss is not easy. You will have to wait for your turn to become a boss. The person sitting in the higher stratum will first have his chance, and then your turn comes your way. You are not too sure, if that happens anytime in the future. But if you are in US now, particularly in New York, there is an opening for you. You can become your own boss. You can own a business. You can have employees working for you.


It’s a feeling that is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are staying in US, you can get that chance. There are branded firms who are now searching for franchisees. These big brands need partners to establish their business in this big city. Some small brands are there too. They are searching for franchisors – willing to own a business and become partners of well-known brands. Do you know what a franchise business model is? Let me explain you a little about franchise business model.


What is a franchise business model?


It is a form of business, where you hold a licence to use the brand of the firm you are partnering with. It is a business model, which allows you to take advantage of the partnering firm’s brand’s image. You don’t have to create a brand, and still own the brand till the time you are a partner.


That’s an excellent way to start a business, especially when you do not have any idea of running a business, because all the running is done by the franchise. They suggest you on what to do. The running of the company is a mere formality. The real profit is yours. The only way to begin with is to consult with the franchisors.
Once you start meeting them, you will be able to take a decision on how best to start your business.

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