My internet security has expired and I was in pursuit of a good online antivirus cum internet security solution. I went offline and visited two stores, and the prices they offer was a little too higher.





What makes online shopping sites sell for far less than their offline counterparts?

Although, the prices in the offline stores were higher but it was definitely lesser than the print price on the box. However, not all online offers are cheaper. My internet security renewal price at one of the manufacturing company’s website was much higher. When I did browse online I found that one of the popular online store was offering the very same product at almost 50% discount, which is amazing.


I have also found that some of these online stores, such as Snapdeal , Flipkart and others are offering incredible discounts. There is a list of discounts; some of these are discounts for today, deal of the day, and discounts for particular products. and they are really cheap, including the cheapest mobile phone in the world.
There is no way other offline stores can compete. There are also many online stores who have not been able to compete with big Indian players such as Snapdeal and FlipKart and even Jabong. And the reason probably lies somewhere else.
These big online stores have been able to procure bulk products at astonishingly low prices, which have made it possible for them to slash low, and offer their customers amazing discounts. The big stores also do a lot of homework. They are buying products after tough negotiation. The shoppers are able to provide the stuff for such low price because there are no costs associated with an offline store.
It’s only about packing and sending the product. The national carriers have also agreed to transport sold products for a low price. What has attracted customers is the fact that there is a return policy, the customers now relies on these online stores, as they now know that defective products will be taken back. The whole online shopping experience has now becoming exciting, which is why the nation has seen a growth in online shopping.


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