We all fall under the magic wand of inspiration at some point of time in our lives. It’s hard to figure out why we do.

I do remember I was once inside the auditorium attending a personality development presentation. The presentation went on, and I kept on admiring the one who has been delivering the speech. He was the kind of person many would applaud. He was articulate, and able to justify an argument with incredible ease. He probably inspired everyone, and it was no different inside the hall that day.


To my amazement, the person sitting next to me is not impressed. He seems not too convinced, and somehow lost. I decide to meet him after the lecture session, and I find that he did not seem amused, by all the talk that took place. While the same presentation inspired me, it was, unfortunately, not the same for the guy sitting next to me.


I want to dwell on the reasons for such disparity. It may have been a focus issue; somewhere the commitment to listen to the lecture may have been missing. It would also have been possible that my neighbour inside the chamber had been through a very similar speech earlier. The possibilities were endless. Though, one aspect certainly remained, and that was the absence of his connection with the man who was speaking from the podium.
In all my years of experience, I have observed that successful people have the knack of finding the source of inspiration……….Read more


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