The people of US are gearing up to face one of the fiercest hurricanes in recent times. Hurricane Matthew has been creating havoc in Caribbean and is set to hit the coast of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. There are reports that the hurricane has taken more than 25 lives, and is set to create more havoc in the coming days.

major hurricane matthew

Empty Stores along the US coastal town


More than 2 million people have been asked to leave their homes and look for safer places. Reports confirm that people from the coast in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia are fleeing inland. Shop owners are emptying their stores and preparing to lower the damages. The hurricane is making its way past the Bahamas, and will be soon in the vicinity of US coasts.

The national hurricane center is continuing to issue warnings, and has stated that hurricane Matthew may not strike the coast of Florida, but could come quite near the Atlantic coast. The center has been asking people to evacuate as a precautionary measure in case the storm indeed strikes Florida.

However, the administration seems to be fully aware of the major storm damage potential and has laid out concrete plans to counter hurricane. US President Barrack Obama has asked people to take necessary steps and follow the warnings.

Hurricane recovery companies have also put themselves on alert and are ready to come out and help people if the need arises. They are the ones who can provide the right assistance and tips to lower the damages.

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