Saving money is different from using money in a right way


During my teens, I was stingy with cash. I didn’t had enough cash then to spend the way I want, and therefore, there was not much of a choice for me.

use of money

Slowly when I grew up, I started spending too much. I would finish all I earned even before the month was over. That sort of spending eventually became my habit. My habits made me a slave to spending. I had no control on what I earned. I began spending without giving any thought to my future.


It continued till I reached around 30 years of age. It was a very crucial phase of my career. Suddenly one day, I realized that my spending habits will destroy me. I decided to save money. It is never easy to save when you want to spend. It took me 2 years to start implementing the savings habit.


I was able to cut short my spending habits. I was in control of myself. I realized the significance of strong will and determination to save money.


Now, I have reached a space where I have the experience of spending money, and saving money. I have seen the two sides of the coin. However, I feel that too much of spending, and too much of saving may be bad. There has to be a balance while handling money.


When you don’t have the balance, you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of having money. It’s important to learn to use money. Using money is not easy. People either save money, or spend money. There are very few who know how to strike a balance and use money properly.


There is one method I use myself – invest 50% of what I earn in a month, and spend the rest. This process keeps me happy. It gives me satisfaction that I could get or try to get what I want from the 50% of my earnings. And also gives me a feeling of delight that I am able to invest 50% of my earnings every month, which helps me to lay the platform to earn more.


You can tell me your views on how to use money properly. Please share your ideas below in the comments section.


By Rajiv Sighamony

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