I have traveled extensively, and I keep traveling. I know what it takes to travel.

You need a hell lot of money to put together a trip. No matter how stingy you are, travel still makes you spend, inspite of all your efforts to keep the budget low.

Travel Book

For those who love traveling, and dream traveling far and wide, but just don’t have enough left in the corpus, to plan their trip. Here is a little advice for you, and I am sure you will love my piece of advice. Believe me I haven’t seen anything like this before. I am talking about a student traveling guide that will help you plan trips and tours, without you having to spend money.

Now this may sound ridiculous to you, because it did sound ridiculous to me in the beginning. However, when you go through this guide, you will know how easy it is to travel without spending a dime.

Few lines about the book

The book – A student’s guide to traveling without spending money has two contributors Amra, and Amanda Kendle, a travel freak.

Both have come out with tips and advice on how to travel by taking part in training programs, scholarships and internships, which allows you to travel free of cost. The book compiles a list of programs, and the processes on how to apply with these programs. It also has the information about requirements needed to enroll in these programs. Finally, it has the resource section to help you find these programs.

More importantly, I love this book for the fact that it gives the benefit of gaining academic degree, which indeed enhances my Curriculum Vitae, and at the same time, I am doing what I love to do – traveling.

The best part, though, is the book not just offers free travel information, but the book is available free of cost. Check it out here – A student’s guide to traveling without spending money.


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