What A Woman Really Thinks When You Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Are You Making The #1 Dating Mistake Most Men Make When Getting To Know a Woman?

Do You Know The Key To Attracting Women Without Having To “Run Game”


A lot of men don’t take the time to sit down and think about this.

I know I sure didn’t.

And it makes sense that no one would really think this through.

See, when we see a woman that we are physically attracted to, the thing that excites us is her physical beauty, not her stellar personality. she is beautiful

Even if she has a stellar personality, you have no way of knowing that if you’ve just met, so what do you do?

You make a quick judgement call based solely on a woman’s appearance.

That is what decides whether or not you approach her.

So, it makes sense that, at some point during a conversation with a beautiful woman, you will want to explain to her just exactly why you came over.

But why was that again?

Because she’s beautiful?

You tell her how great she looks in that dress, those shoes, whatever.


Big mistake! (more…)

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