Which is the best freelancing site at the moment

I have been in the online sector for quite a long time, and I would like to offer my own perception on how freelancing sites have evolved over a period of time.


There were few good sites such as helium.com and Triond.com only for the writers. I remember freelancers were earning good then. Helium would run contests every week, and there would be attractive cash prices for the right freelancer.

freelancing sites
Those sites and few others were only for freelance writers. The arrival of Fiverr actually changed all that, simply because with Fiverr, the opportunities to take advantage were equal for both the freelancers and the recruiters. It is not just about writing or translation; you can basically have any online job done for yourself. Though, helium also had a good number of advertisers base who were looking for writers, but Fiverr have a huge base of recruiters and freelancers on every field. (more…)

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Overcoming freelancing drawbacks

Freelancers know their drawbacks very well. If you ask me, I can tell you at least one area, which troubles me more often.


Freelancing is quite unpredictable.


It is scary. You just don’t know when you will be out of work. You don’t know when you will be short on money. And therefore, freelancers should know how to manage finances during good days; otherwise, it’s very hard to keep on freelancing full time, or even part time for that matter. Overcoming freelancing drawbacks


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