The Connection of Smoking with Stroke

Smoking is not only one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide but also one of the leading causes of fires worldwide when cigarettes are left still burning somewhere in the house where they can set something on fire and later burn the whole house. One of the most terrible effects of smoking is the number of diseases it causes both on the smoker and the people near the smoker. One of these diseases is the stroke. Stroke and smoking are proven to be closely connected. Here are the disasters smoking can bring to your life through a stroke and how to prevent it.

quit smoking

How Smoking Causes Stroke


Tobacco smoke contains over four thousand different chemicals that promote the development of toxins that cause and accelerate the development of stroke. These toxins increase the risk of stroke. They damage the different arteries of the body by making them rupture. Damage to the arteries keeps blood from reaching the brain, increasing the risk of blood clot or stopping the flow of blood completely. This causes a stroke. People who have an increased risk of getting a stroke can also have other diseases and chronic infection, which lead to other types of stroke. The more you smoke, the more you stroke. (more…)

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