For those who don’t understand “Demagogue definition”,


it is defined as a person, an orator or a political leader who gets hold of power by stirring others emotions and chauvinism. He is more of a person who wins without substantial rational verdict. Now that’s what Stephen Hawking perhaps meant when he calls Donald Trump “Demagogue”. demagogue definition

Image Source: cnn

He is clueless when asked what has been the decisive force behind Trumps sudden political rise. The 74 year old physicist categorically stated that he is not able to find a conclusive reason which can define Trump’s rise in the political arena.

Trump has been the most vocal in his campaign trail, speaking on sensitive issues with all his might. He spoke about massive Muslim problem in Britain. His speech has drawn sharp criticism from all quarters in UK, some even calling for a total ban on Trump in UK. British Prime minister David Cameroon has not taken Trump’s inflammatory speeches well enough. Even London Mayor Sadiq Khan has spoken sharply against comments made on Islam.

Donald Trump finds an unexpected ally


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