Ruby is a precious stone worn for its strength, protection against evils, and the charm of nobility associated with it.

It stands for love and passion, drawing good luck and friends. The star ruby, a rare variety of ruby, amplifies these effects and powers of ruby. Star ruby is a rare kind of ruby, which is cherished for exhibiting asterism. It gets its unique name from the 6-rayed star that shines over the surface when you move it.

ruby stone

The Star Characteristics

The star ruby gets its “star effect” from its rutile inclusions which are like needles. It is also the rutile that gives it the silky shimmer. Ruby can have a luster that’s almost equivalent to fine diamond when it’s polished.

Ruby is the red form of gem-quality corundum, the second hardest mineral type on the Mohs scale. It is known for its high level of hardness, and splendid color and silky shine. Star ruby is one of the only 4 precious stones in a group that also includes diamond, sapphire and emerald.

How to Tell Star Ruby

Most of the time you can tell star ruby by its pleochroism. Look at it from different angles, and its color will seem to be different. The 6-rayed-star effect shines most when you move them in daylight. Different rubies fluoresce in short or long wave UV light. This property is also useful in identifying the stone and its origin. ruby gemstone

Star ruby’s color can range from brownish-red to purplish, orangey and pinkish. The color varies depending on the percentage of iron and chromium in the stone. If you want to wear the finest color, “pigeon’s blood” is the ideal choice. This is pure red star ruby with hints of blue or violet. It is also important to consider the color saturation before choosing the stone.

Star Ruby Recharges Your Energy

Star ruby has an alchemical property of imparting a sense of bliss. It also encourages a stronger desire to live. Wearing it will help you recharge your energy levels. This is one of the main reasons why it has been so popular for hundreds of years.

Ruby is both a root charka (base) and heart chakra stone. It seizes the energy of the red ray. The stunningly elegant stone allows you to get to know your own strength (base) and expand your creative powers (from heart).

The stone vibrates and radiates high level of life energy and enthusiasm. Ruby helps encourage better focus and concentration, and builds leadership. It also helps contribute to intellectual sharpness. It gives you energy to help clear your visualization by stimulating the pineal gland. This gland is associated with the mysterious third eye.

Healing Benefits

Ruby is also known for its healing benefits. It is believed to help stimulate your blood circulation and is considered to create positive effects on reproductive organs. It has also been considered to be beneficial with weight regulation and in detoxification.

Star Rub During Ancient Times

Star ruby was considered as a power powerful talisman by the ancients. The stone was believed to help guide travelers and seekers. It was thought to be so powerful that it protected the wearer even after they passed it on to another person. It is made up of 3 rays of light that stand for hope, destiny and trust. The quality and size of star ruby can affect its value, applications and prices.

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