Unprotected sex can be dangerous if you don’t know your partner.


It is highly advised to have protected sex.


However, if you prefer unprotected sex, then you must also know the consequences that may happen. There are diseases that may transmit during sex. Here is the list of 4 diseases likely to transmit during sex.

sex diseases
This is one disease no one wants to get even close by. AIDS is dangerous, and one of the primary ways to acquire it is through unprotected sex. AIDS is caused by HIV. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) kills blood cells that fight normal body infection. As this virus starts finishing off blood cells, and moves to an advanced stage, AIDS is formed. Other ways of acquiring is through sharing of syringe needles.
A bacterial disease, which can form and grow in the reproductive tract. The bacterium grows very fast, and thereby increases the chances of infecting throat, mouth and eyes. It can also spread to blood, which then can be indeed life threatening.
Another bacterial disease, and easily transmitted during sex. Importantly, the bacteria can easily transmit during intercourse, anal sex or oral sex. Chlamydia can cause fever, and abdominal pain when infected.
Women, in particular, should be careful, as progression of this disease can destroy the reproductive system, including fallopian tube and uterus.
Sexual contact can lead to the transmission of Hepatitis A, B or C. It can damage liver seriously. Hepatitis A virus transmits usually through oral sex. It may not be very chronic, and can be treated.
However, Hepatitis B and C virus could be transmitted and can affect liver immediately. Hepatitis B virus infections, in particular, can have long lasting infections, and very much life threatening.



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