As soon as this year’s Wimbledon ended, everyone seems to be asking the question about Federer’s possibility of winning another Grand Slam championships.


Is it possible for him to win his 18th Grand Slam championship?


Many agree that Federer has lost quite a lot of an edge, to stay competitive for two weeks.


Roger Federer


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To stay fit and competitive for two weeks may not be easy for someone who has reached 33 in tennis terms. He can win odd matches against Djokovich over three sets in much lesser tournament, which ends in a week or less.


However, grand Slam is a different ball game. Even a player like Nadal, who has remained fit for so many years is now facing problems with his fitness, and he has lost that edge, which helped him win 9 French open titles.
Federer is still very good. He is not allowing players to walk past him. Players like Andy Murray still face problems against Federer on grass. Djokovich, perhaps, has a strong baseline game, and serves well to keep Federer at bay. He also covers the court well, returns well, and also pushes lots of balls back to opponents, which enables him to play longer points. That becomes a lot of problem for Federer, who certainly wants to play fewer rallies, and close points earlier.
With Djokovich returning lots of balls, he is, in fact, making Federer go for winners, and that is what leading Federer to commit lots of unforced errors.
If Djokovich is eliminated in earlier rounds by someone else, then Federer has a chance especially at Wimbledon, and US open, or the Australian open. However, French open is very much out of Federer’s grasp, where longer rallies and tenacity rules the roost.

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