If your laptop is not holding a charge even after several hours of recharge, it is time to replace the battery. Your windows will start showing the message “consider replacing the battery” at the lower right side of the taskbar. You will have to find the equivalent model and pay a huge amount to buy a laptop battery. In some cases, you may not find the equivalent battery for your obsolete laptop. One of the best ways to restore your laptop to the normal working condition is by repairing the laptop battery in a cost effective way.

You will find laptops of reputed brands at many online stores. You will be lucky to land on best deals for the laptops being discontinued. However, many users are unaware that laptop batteries need to be replaced after three or four years of usage since the life of the battery decreases after repeated recharges.

Many people are searching online to find a suitable and equivalent battery for their laptops or netbooks. For example, you will not find a battery for your HCL Me netbook and some of the branded laptops at online stores. Even if you find a battery for the netbook, it is not pin compatible. What is the way out to make your laptop portable and at least works for 2 to 3 hours? You cannot simply throw out a laptop and buy a new one. Buying a new laptop is very expensive. You can find cells to replace in your laptop battery pack at affordable rates. Repairing a laptop battery packs costs less when compared to buying a new pack.

Tools required for repairing the laptop battery pack

  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Soldering Iron
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Solder
  • Cellulose tape

Step by Step Guide to repair a laptop battery

Step 01

[Image ]


Switch off the laptop and remove the power cord from the mains. Now slowly remove the battery pack from the laptop without any damage to the connector pins at the back.

Step 2.  

[Image ]


You need to use the flat screwdriver to slowly open the battery pack cover on the other side of the connector. It is suggested to open at the middle the battery pack just on the opposite side of the connector. Make sure not to damage the battery pack cover during the opening.

Step 3

[Image ]


After removing the battery pack cover, you need to remove the batteries carefully. It is necessary to note down the number of cells. You can note down the type and specification of the cells in the battery pack.

Step 4

[Image ]


The battery pack consists of lithium-ion cells. You can make use of the multimeter to identify the dead cells in the battery pack. You can purchase the same type and size cells from online stores for replacing in your laptop battery pack.

Step 5

[Image ]


You can make use of the soldering iron to desolder the terminals of the batteries. However, you are advised to note the connection of the batteries to the controller and in between the cells for easy reassembly.

Step 6

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Now you need to replace each dead 3.7 V lithium batteries – two in parallel. If your battery pack consists of 6 cells, you need to make three pairs and connect each pair in series. For example, you need to connect negative terminals of two batteries on one side using a copper wire. You need to repeat the same for the positive terminals of the pair. Now, you need to connect positive terminal of the first pair to the negative terminal of the next pair. Again connect the positive terminal of the second pair to the negative terminal of the third pair. Make sure to connect the control wires of the connectors between the first pair and second pair and between the second pair and third pair. You need to connect the negative terminal of the series connected batteries to the negative terminal of the connector and positive terminal of the batteries to the positive terminal of the connector. Now, you need to carefully keep the batteries in the battery pack cover. Apply a small piece of the cellulose tape on each pair to keep them firm. Make sure to correctly connect the battery and check the voltage using a multimeter.

Step 7

[Image ]


You need to connect the battery pack to the laptop and switch on the laptop. It should work with the help of battery pack. It means the laptop battery pack is correctly connected.

Step 8

[Image ]


Now, you need to connect the laptop power cord to the mains and allow it to recharge fully.

Step 9

The next step is to calibrate the new battery to enhance the life of the laptop battery.

Step 10

Once the laptop is fully charged, switch off the mains and allow it to discharge normally. The laptop switches off on its own. Now again, you need to fully charge the battery.

It is suggested to use the battery on mains when power is available. However, you are advised to work with battery at least once a week. You are advised not to discharge battery below 40% to save the battery life. Fully draining the battery frequently reduces the life of the battery. Therefore, it is suggested to frequently charge when the charge above 40%.

If you are not using the laptop for several days, you may consider removing the battery pack and store in a cool and dry place.

Before, attempting a repair, you are advised to read the user manual of your laptop to get an idea of the type of the processor used, the number of the cells used in the battery pack etc.

It is suggested to buy the right cells with right voltage, current, and size to make sure it works with your laptop. Repairing a laptop battery pack helps to save a lot of your hard earned money.

You can use the laptops for more than 10 years by extending the laptop battery life. You need to follow simple steps to extend the battery life and save your hard earned money. The screen of the laptop takes more power. You can adjust the screen brightness to the lower level to save power. You can also disable Bluetooth and WiFi when not used to save your battery.

About the Author-

Wanda Greaves is the co-founder of BatteryChargersExpert.com – a website that helps people to find, use and do anything with their batteries, chargers or related electricity devices. Check out their latest article about choosing the Best Portable Jump Starter.

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