What are power banks?

Power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere. They’re the fastest growing charging electronics in the market and the reason is we’re able to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops wherever we are.

What types of power banks are there?

There are many different types of power banks in the market. There are many companies that sell power banks because there’s such a high demand for them. As a result, there has been a lot of innovation happening over the years, paving way for many types of chargers in the market. Each type of power bank has its role and specialty that makes it useful.

However, there are two types of power banks that are basically the basis of all power banks, and those are ones that have low and high power capacities. power bank

Power banks with low power capacities are the ones that are widely used. The reason is they’re small and lightweight; they’re able to fit into a pocket and you can also hold these power banks while you recharge your smartphone. However, as useful as these small power banks are in a portability sense, they lack a lot of power, because they’re only useful for recharging smartphones and other small devices once. They also only have a single charging port.


If you want a more powerful power bank, then there are ones that have high power capacities. These types are not used as much as low capacity power banks because they’re large and they use more batteries and larger batteries as well. However, it’s with a high power capacity that you’re able to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices multiple times to full power. They also have many charging ports, which means that you can charge numerous devices simultaneously.

Power banks that have different capabilities

There are of course power banks with different capabilities that are not power related.

power bank

For example, there are ones that have structurally strong bodies and these power banks are known as Rugged power banks. They’re able to withstand things like drops to the hard ground and they’re also waterproof. Rugged power banks are perfect portable charger to take along when you’re headed Outdoors and want a power bank that can withstand the trials of nature.

power bank

There are also power banks that have built-in cables. These types of power banks are always ready to use because they have cables. It’s useful as there are times when people forget to bring their charging cable with their power bank and when that happens, you’re basically stuck with a useless piece of portable power.

Charging Ports, Speeds, and Recharging

power bank

The next important thing to know about a power bank is its charging speeds. For the most part, when it comes to Mini power banks, they have slow Output charging speeds at 5V/1.0A and that’s normal. However, there are Mini power banks that have faster charging speeds that go into the 2 Amp range and these are the ones if you want faster on-the-go charging speed.

When it comes to charging speeds of high capacity power banks you have to pay more attention. That’s because most power banks that do have high power capacities also have many charging ports. As a result, you want each of the ports that a power bank has to deliver fast charging speeds. If a power bank has 3 charging ports and each of those ports are only able to deliver a charging speed of 1 Amp; then that’s bad because most devices are able to charge faster than just a single amp.

Instead, what’s better is if each port on a 3 port power bank has a charging speed of 2 Amps or higher. The reason for that is because most devices are able to charge at or faster than 2 Amps. Tablets have a max charging speed of 2.4A, so if you want a Tablet to charge at its full speed with a power bank, then you need to make sure that at least one of its ports are able to Output 2.4 Amps.

power bank

There’s also special charging tech like Quick Charge and USB-C. Lots of smartphones are already out that are compatible with Quick Charge and the number of devices that are compatible with USB-C is increasing. As a result, if you have devices compatible with those charging technologies, then it’s best to get a power bank with features one of these. You’ll be able to get a faster charging speed for such devices.

Max Output

The max output of a power bank is basically the power limit a power bank is able to produce. It’s important to know what the Max Output of a power bank with many charging ports is because you want to use the port’s max power all at once. If a power bank has 3 USB Ports, each of its port is capable of producing 2 Amps each and the Max Output is 6 Amps; then each of the port is able to produce 2 Amps all at once when charging 3 devices together.

As a result, each charging device is able to get a faster charging speed.


power bank

Since power banks are the most popular charging electronic in the market, it means there are a number of companies that sell power banks now. This surge of sellers has made power banks innovative and improve from what they were once. However, there are still lots of power banks that are on sale and yet they lack the quality that you’d expect.

That’s because there are a number of companies selling low-quality power banks, and they’re basically relying on your lack of knowledge of what makes a good power bank. These bad quality power banks have very slow charging speeds even if they have high power capacities. In addition, companies that sell these low-quality power banks usually have no warranties with their products because they know they’re selling low quality in the first place.

It’s vital to know the companies to purchase your power bank from because you’ll have a better charging experience every time you use it. The best way to tell you’re purchasing a power bank from a good company is by reading their reviews left by the customers. That way, you’ll be able to get a better feel of what to expect from the power bank that you’re going to purchase. These great companies usually have great customer service and long/reliable warranties which ensures that these companies stand behind their products.

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