Hurricane Matthew approaches US

The people of US are gearing up to face one of the fiercest hurricanes in recent times. Hurricane Matthew has been creating havoc in Caribbean and is set to hit the coast of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. There are reports that the hurricane has taken more than 25 lives, and is set to create more havoc in the coming days.

major hurricane matthew

Empty Stores along the US coastal town


More than 2 million people have been asked to leave their homes and look for safer places. Reports confirm that people from the coast in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia are fleeing inland. Shop owners are emptying their stores and preparing to lower the damages. The hurricane is making its way past the Bahamas, and will be soon in the vicinity of US coasts. (more…)

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Could Sindhu have done anything differently at the Rio Olympics badminton final?

I was quite apprehensive even before the match started against Carolina Marin.

Looking back at the Semi Finals with Li Xuerui, it was obvious that Marin can be a tough nut to crack. It is not that she is unbeatable, but her confidence of being at the two world Championships finals, in fact winning both, and also winning the All England Finals definitely gives her an edge in the all important Olympics finals. 

marin vs sindhu

Carolina Marin at Rio finals against Sindhu

When I look back at the Final match, I could easily say that Marin gained advantage with the attack on Sindhu’s backhand. Sindhu’s backhand return lacked pace. There was not enough pace on her return from clears on her left side, which gave Carolina Marin an opportunity to build the attack. Till the time the shuttle was on her forehand, Sindhu would look to attack, but her backhand returns against the clears especially in the first two games let her down. (more…)

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Book Review – A student’s guide to traveling without spending money

I have traveled extensively, and I keep traveling. I know what it takes to travel.

You need a hell lot of money to put together a trip. No matter how stingy you are, travel still makes you spend, inspite of all your efforts to keep the budget low.

Travel Book

For those who love traveling, and dream traveling far and wide, but just don’t have enough left in the corpus, to plan their trip. Here is a little advice for you, and I am sure you will love my piece of advice. Believe me I haven’t seen anything like this before. I am talking about a student traveling guide that will help you plan trips and tours, without you having to spend money. (more…)

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Review about Program Movavi Photo Focus

Many times when the camera isn’t properly focused on the object you want to capture, the results are disastrous, and the photo gets blurred! Usually, many editors claim to fix blurred photos, but even then they can’t guarantee high-quality results. But with Movavi Photo Focus, you can convert blurred images into good quality pictures. Movavi Photo Focus

Movavi Photo Focus also enables you to ‘add’ blur to images to make them more creative. Usually, blur is added to highlight and put the focus on a specific part of the photograph. If your camera lens isn’t well equipped to add a photographic blur, you can add it later in editing a part by using this awesome software which enables you to highlight and focus any part of the photo, just with the touch of a finger. (more…)

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ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Mutual Fund has rewards

Mutual Funds have always fascinated me, and I thought why not write something which may help readers to choose one, if they desire so. This not a review and readers are free to voice their opinion in the comments section.  

Returns Percentage

Returns Percentage

Value discovery fund has given a fair performance.  There is no entry load and 1 % exit load for redemption within a year, makes it a perfect plan for investors. It has low risk with investments across the fields, which includes, financial, energy, diversified, technology and healthcare. (more…)

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6 die in Munich terrorist attack

There are reports of gunmen attack in Munich, Germany where at least 6 people have been reported dead.

The attack took place at a Munich Mall. There are many injured in the shooting. Preliminary reports suggest that there are at least 3 gunmen who are still at large.

munich shooting

Munich Police tweets after the shooting


The German Police have confirmed that it was a terrorist attack. The attack has taken place outside McDonalds. Eyewitness says there were many shots fired and people have been seen running for cover. Some hid behind store cabinet; everyone was trying his or her best to escape shooting. (more…)

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Sabato says ‘Obama a Muslim’

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr in his speech at the Republican National Convention says that Obama is a Muslim. He says that he fully believes Barrack Obama is not a Christian. He continues saying, he knows how Christians are. He is himself a Christian, and he firmly believes Obama doesn’t follow God.

donald trump

Donald Trump at one of his earlier rallies

Sabato has strong words when he mentions that US president Barrack Obama doesn’t go to church, and he is definitely on the other side. He grew up there, and  that’s where he comes from. (more…)

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Andy Murray wins Wimbledon 2016

Andy Murray has shown class and finesse in his three set demolition of Milos Raonic at the Wimbledon this evening.

The score of 6-4, 7-6, 7-6, is enough to suggest that Andy Murray was in his sublime best. His match fitness was definitely at its best. His movement on the court suggests that physically he was quite fit. Raonic meanwhile squandered too many chances with his high number of unforced errors.

prince and princess

Prince William and Kate


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