Freelancers know their drawbacks very well. If you ask me, I can tell you at least one area, which troubles me more often.


Freelancing is quite unpredictable.


It is scary. You just don’t know when you will be out of work. You don’t know when you will be short on money. And therefore, freelancers should know how to manage finances during good days; otherwise, it’s very hard to keep on freelancing full time, or even part time for that matter. Overcoming freelancing drawbacks

Discipline is the key


Freelancers should have the mental discipline to manage good times. When you have money, keep it for bad times ahead. A lull can just be around the corner. When you don’t have discipline, there is every chance that you may spend more than you should. It could then be very dangerous.


You will be forced to suffer during crunch times. Mental discipline gives you an edge. You are able to understand the significance of good times. You will be able to plan, and save enough cash for days ahead.


Have patience


Those who don’t have patience to wait should never do freelancing. There may be days when you don’t have any work. Such times can hurt. Impatience will make you restless. You may not like to wait beyond a certain period, and that’s where your freelancing career ends. Patience is a virtue a freelancer must have, and if he doesn’t have, he should try to inculcate this trait now.


Always have high number of clients under your belt


Freelancers must have the intention to gain new clients. The more the clients, the more the opportunities to gain projects, the higher number of clients is a security against bad times. There is a chance that your lap will be full of work. Even if you don’t have ongoing projects from one or more of your clients, you will still have the confidence that you will not be short on work.


Never sit idle when you don’t have work


It is probably the most dangerous situations that you may fall in. when you sit idle you are giving yourself no opportunity to move forward. Stagnant behaviour is in no way good for freelancers. It kills your energy and enthusiasm to work. Freelancers must find ways to earn more. They may not have work now, but they should always explore opportunities to earn better.


By Rajiv Sighamony

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