Nepotism exists at work and we all know that


Anyone who has worked or has been working in a company knows someone who has been a victim of nepotism. Favoritism has never been a talking point, because it has been taken for granted. Every workplace has witnessed employees being victimized due to biased decisions taken by the higher authorities.

nepotism at work
At times it goes so bad that victims are forced to leave, and look for jobs elsewhere. Still, no one likes to talk about the issue of nepotism. It is only because humans love being biased. They want to take sides even if it means killing the chances of the deserving employees.
The hard facts at the workplace are not easy to digest. There are tramples at the workplace, simply because corporate decisions at times have selfish motives. I remember a company where I worked sometimes use a policy of recruiting their favorite candidates by opting to advertise on a newspaper. The company knew who will be chosen for the post, yet, they advertise post to make it appear a recruitment drive.
Imagine the efforts and the sufferings of young men and women who work tirelessly to be chosen for the job. And then they find a close relative of the manager of that firm gets the job.
It is demoralizing. Can it be stopped somehow?
Why does it exist in the first place?
Nepotism exists because we all love it. Even those who are the victims themselves play biased games, when they are in a position of authority. Frankly, it’s not just the people with authority who play it, but even those who are not in such positions seek to take undue advantage in the workplace.
Some of you may not directly play nepotism, but influence higher authorities to get higher perks, and free trips, by offering bribes. This is perhaps, a very easy way to involve in the game of nepotism.
We all want to help our friends and relatives, if we can. In some cases, there is a baggage of past favor, which we want to repay. Significantly, when we get into a position of strength at our workplace, close ones expect us to pay a favor to them. Many will not ask you for a favor still you feel the need to do something if you can.
That gives birth to nepotism. And it will always exist. It is important, though, to not cross the line. If someone close to you deserves a favor, go out and hand the favor. Don’t allow feelings and past favors to influence your decision.
Having said that – some of the top fortune 500 companies practice nepotism. Even smaller firms also exercise some kind of favoritism in their set-up, especially in the supply network. In recruitment drives, preferences are given to those we know. It doesn’t mean that such decisions are biased.
Nepotism will continue to get into frill discussions, but nothing concrete will ever come out of it.
By Rajiv Sighamony

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