Many times when the camera isn’t properly focused on the object you want to capture, the results are disastrous, and the photo gets blurred! Usually, many editors claim to fix blurred photos, but even then they can’t guarantee high-quality results. But with Movavi Photo Focus, you can convert blurred images into good quality pictures. Movavi Photo Focus

Movavi Photo Focus also enables you to ‘add’ blur to images to make them more creative. Usually, blur is added to highlight and put the focus on a specific part of the photograph. If your camera lens isn’t well equipped to add a photographic blur, you can add it later in editing a part by using this awesome software which enables you to highlight and focus any part of the photo, just with the touch of a finger.

This software not only empowers you to add or remove blur from photos, but also gives you the liberty to choose what area you want to keep in focus, and in how much area you want the blur to be added. All this, with just one software!

In Movavi Photo Focus, there is a specific blur image option for different kinds of photos. In Panoramic shots, you can add tilt shift, while if you want the focus to be on a central element of the photograph, you can add a central blur, thus adding spark to the important part of the photo.

There is a lot more in store for photo-editing fans, in Movavi Photo Focus software. You can edit the photos and adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and control the amounts of these parameters by simply dragging the slider across the screen. You can also crop, rotate and resize the images to suit your requirements. The file can be imported in any format, whether it is PNG or JPEG, and the software makes sure that the photo is exported in high quality.

You can use the blur tool of Movavi Photo Focus as a creative visual tool to make your photos expressive, stunning and catchy while taking your photo-editing skills to a whole new level. You can add a vignette to corners of a portrait to give it that traditional look, or highlight the face of your subject to give depth to your photograph, all by using this one magical software. Movavi Photo Focus makes you the master of photography and ensures best results for the hard work that you put into capture strikingly beautiful shots.


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