Leading an organization is like pulling an organization. Now, how do you pull an organization?


You just can’t pull an organization by your hands. You need to pull it with your mind. It is exactly the same when you watch a train pass by.

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A train has an engine, which pulls the compartments all together. An engine has fuel, and that allows it to pull the train all at once. There is an important element that we can learn here. A train doesn’t leave any compartment to be pulled later. Each pull takes care of the whole train.


A leader has to motivate all its employees together. I have listed 5 most important traits that leaders should posses in order to run any organization. No matter what kind of institution you run, these are the set of factors that will decide whether you are up to the task or not. And if you don’t have these traits, pick them faster, and lead.


Never stop learning


Believe me, it appears so simple, but it is not. You have to develop a habit to learn things. Things you don’t know, but you see somewhere, and you must pick those. Learning is easier when you have the habit to observe.


You observe when you focus. If you can look around to see what’s happening, you will learn things. I have seen people stop learning when they rise to the top because they believe they have learnt a lot. When you stop learning, you are getting ready to fall. I am telling you one truth – the process of learning is like walking on the surface of ocean, the moment you stop learning, you will begin to sink, and fall inside the ocean.


Your willingness to learn also has other advantages. You will never run out of ideas. You can keep things simple, and will always have the ammunition to deal with problems that your organization faces.


You should be able to do what you expect from your staff


Coming from a sales background, I know how difficult it can be for anyone. It’s much easier to ask someone to do a task, but when you go out and do yourself, it becomes difficult. And when you cannot do the very task you have asked someone else to do, you find it difficult to control your employees.


It is important to make your presence felt, and the best way to do is to convey the message that you know how to do it.


Always be positive


Being positive sends a very dynamic message across to your employees. Your company or the organization may be in some kind of trouble, but your positive approach might change things for better. Your positive approach also lift your employees. They will look up to you when they are undergoing a crisis. Positive approach is like a fuel to an organization. It doesn’t matter if you have less experience, when you are positive the world follows you.


Learn to accept criticism


There will always be someone who will come up with something negative about you. Everyone wants to get to the top, and to get to the top, you will have to pull someone down. Two people cannot stand together on top in any organization. And therefore, people from your own organization will say things about you to disappoint you, and try to hurt you. If you can handle these, you will always stay on top.


Always have a Plan B ready in case your Plan A fails


Planning is crucial for any organization. The way you plan out things will eventually decide how successful you can be. Sometimes plans don’t work out, and then you need a back-up plan, a plan B to replace the failed plan.
Always have a Plan B ready, and that’s the surest way to bind an organization.



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