Have you been using an Android phone at present?

You will love both these Iphone models even more, because, the iOS based Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus are both somewhat larger, similar to other large android phones, and they even have features that fits with the large screen reputation, with a good battery life.



Iphone 6 VS Iphone 6 plus


Now, to delve deeper, first I will begin with Iphone 6.


Iphone 6 has a thinner body, much thinner than an Iphone 5s and has an Aluminium frame. If you look at the phone, it has a striking beauty. You will be amazed to find perfect finish to the phone. When you hold the mobile phone, it grips under your palm seamlessly.


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Apple has placed greater significance to screen size and feature, which was not present in the earlier phones. Iphone 6 is bright and also has distinct colour precision. It has a 64- bit A8 chipset, along with 1GB RAM.


Iphone 6 plus, on the other hand, is a much larger phone, stands 2 centimetres taller than an Iphone 6. The only aspect I don’t find attractive about Iphone 6 plus is its uncomfortable grip. You may have a big hand; still, it could be a struggle to grip properly because it has a slippery finish and could slip out of your hands.



However, the large size is a boon. The Iphone 6 plus has got better screen visuals, is more bright than Iphone 6. The image resolutions are better. Iphone 6 plus images can be viewed in both, landscape and portrait mode. You can even adjust the screen size according to your convenience.


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Though, Iphone 6 plus is powered by a similar chipset size and a similar RAM size as Iphone 6, yet, the features associated with an Iphone 6 plus has more quality. Even the Iphone 6 plus camera can be used to shoot high quality photographs in low light.


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