Bosses can be a tough nut to crack at times.

And unless you know what your boss is up to, you can’t handle him.


It’s important to read your boss’s mind, and understand how he thinks about things. When you are able to read him, you will be in a better position to deal with him.

how to handle your boss
How will you know how he thinks and what he wants?
Look for clues. He may be interested in things that he is talking about. For instance, if he wants you to lie, he will ask you to do something that he knows you are not sure about. There are reports he may ask you to provide, which he knows you don’t know about. These are subtle signs that he will send and wants you to help him out.
Sometimes bosses need your help. There are times when higher authorities have been trying to take the hell out of him. He will not indicate this fact, but he will indicate his desire to be helped out. When you can do that, you have lent your hand out to him in gesture that shows you are with him.
In the modern world, when bosses have become very insecure, they look for support. If you can support him, you naturally fall in his good books.
Never do things that annoys him
You must know little courtesy, and have the wisdom of not doing things that annoy him. Annoying your boss is digging your own grave, and before anything happens, you will fell in the grave before you even realize it. These may be very small things but it matters.
Some employees feel that they know a lot, and try to show their superiority. They try to show their boss that they know a lot, even more than him. When the boss sees his employee is trying to out manoeuvre him, he indeed becomes very annoyed.
Never seize importance when you are in front of your boss
Never play smart and try to grab importance in front of your boss when your colleagues are around. Remember, your boss may not talk a lot, but he has the power. He likes to be treated as a boss. He loves his employees treating him with full honours, and appreciation. You just can’t try to share his importance or the value he brings in the office.
Never pay food bill in a restaurant
When you are with your boss, sitting, and having your favourite cuisine, you must know the fact that you should never ask for the finger bowl first. Asking for a finger bowl first is showing your boss that you are going to pay the bill. You must never pay the bill in a restaurant, unless it is agreed upon earlier.
Don’t talk too much
Talking too much when you are with your boss may not go well with him. Talking more than him will give the impression that you are trying to take control of the situation, which may not go well with your boss.


By Rajiv Sighamony


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