Managers are not born, they are made


They are made not by others but by themselves. There are gurus and teachers who can provide clues, help you to understand the basics, but ultimately it is you who will have to implement the new found ideas. Managing people can be a difficult task if you can’t read people. Your ability to read people arises from how well you discern.


how to become a good manager

Even though you may not have the ability to judge people correctly, yet, by following few established rules you can become a good manager.
Don’t make decision for others
One mistake most managers commit is to make all the decision for others. They snatch the freedom from their subordinates. They believe what they say, ought to be done. They think that subordinates should follow their command. If you continue doing this, then your employees will lose trust on you.
Your employees should be given the freedom. They should be allowed to choose their path. You can only show them the goals, but the decision on how they act to achieve their goals should be theirs. Forcing someone to follow the action you believe is right can be very discouraging for your employees. It is a sign of bad and insecure leader. Good leaders allow people to choose their own line of action to fulfil the goals.
People who feel good about themselves produce good results
Remember, as a leader, your first important step is to help people to feel good about themselves. It is the most important step a manager or a leader should understand. Firstly, you should feel good about yourself. If you carry negative emotions, act moody, have wild mood fluctuations, how can you feel good about yourself?
When you can’t feel good about yourself, then you can’t help your employees to feel good about themselves. When you are feeling good, it is infectious, it goes inside others, and they start feeling good.
When your employees feel good, they will produce good results. When they don’t feel good, they will not achieve their goals. As an effective manager, your first priority should be to make your staff feel good about themselves. That’s the secret of success to run an organization.
Simplify the goal setting process
At the start of the month, goals need to be discussed, and written on a sheet of paper. It doesn’t matter how big the goals are. You must explain your staff about goals in the simplest manner. Divide your organization’s goals into two parts.
A) Responsibilities given to each employees
B) And what they will be accountable for at the end of the given period
Do not complicate the goal setting process by bringing other elements into the picture. The goals should be written down on a sheet of paper for each individual, so that everyone knows what they will have to do. It should not be very long.
Make sure that the goals must not be more than 10 lines on a paper. Goals that run into many sheets of paper are not effective management. It makes things appear difficult, destroying the morale of the working employees in an organization. Writing goals is very important because everyone knows what they will have to do. There is no confusion left in anyone’s mind about what needs to be done.
Show others how to solve problems
People in your organization may have performance problems. As a good manager, you must show people how to solve their problems. Remember, don’t solve the problems for them, but show them how they can solve their problems.
Give positive feedback to your people
You must always catch your staff when they do things right. Normally, managers and leaders don’t give due credit to their employees when they perform well. If you can offer a little praise to your employees when they have done something right, it will encourage them to perform greatly. Praising too much is bad, offer only a little praise.
Scold when they do things wrong
When your employees do something wrong professionally, you must scold them, but carefully. Not scolding them will make them bold, and they may commit the same error again and again. However, you must scold efficiently. You must not be too rough, or come up with personal attack. Reprimanding should be done only with the intent to pass on a message. It should be followed by showing care, and telling them how important they are to the organization.
Once you tell your staff what they have done wrong, it should be done and dusted. Don’t carry that feeling forward the next day. It should be forgotten then and there.
Have winners in your team
Having result oriented employees in your organization will help you to achieve your goals. If you don’t have people who will get you the result, then at least hire employees who have the potential to achieve goals for your organization. You can train them, and get the job done.
However, if you hire people who don’t have the potential to work in a certain direction, you are making your life difficult. You are bound to fail. Having the right set of people in your organization is crucial for your success.
Finally, if you want to become a good manager, don’t just think like a good manager, or talk like a good manager, but behave like a good manager.


By Rajiv Sighamony

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