Some women dress so well, yet they miss out on simple vital steps, which makes their dressing a little off.


It is important to understand the smaller details of fashionable secrets, which takes your dressing to a new high. It’s the little accessories, your attitude, and when you know how to match your attitude with your outfit your whole dressing sense leaves a mesmerising impact.


fashion tips for women


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Don’t let others see too much of your body
It is important to understand how style works. Don’t show most of your body. It leaves a bad taste. Choose just one part of your body and make it bare. When you do that, you are allowing the outfit to become the focal point. Your styling sense emerges and people will appreciate your dressing sense.
Wear brighter accessories
It really depends upon your outfit. However, bright color bags and even shoes go best with any outfit. You are also advised not to have shoes and bags of the same color. Your shoes and bags must have contrasting colours, but it should complement each other. Make sure both these accessories also complement your dress.
What’s the length of your pants?
Never underestimate the importance of the length of your pants. It signifies your sense and knowledge of style. Your pants should be some way above the ground. There are two ways to look at it. You may either have your pants at least half an inch above the ground, or measure the length up to the top of your shoe.
A scarf can be handy
A colored scarf is a great accessory to have. A well designed scarf can actually add a touch of elegance to your entire persona. Carry a scarf and see what difference it makes to your aura.
Make few observations before you buy
This is the most important one. When you go to a shop to buy an outfit you must always imagine the condition of your cloth after you wash a few times. If you feel that the cloth may lose its originality, or may get damaged, then it’s better to look for another piece.
Follow these 5 simple steps and make a style statement that will turn heads.


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