Let me tell you something, curtains are necessary. You certainly don’t want to let people know what you may be doing inside the room. And especially, when you are making love with your husband, or your partner, you will definitely not want others see your lips locked.

curtains for your living room

However, curtains also decorate your rooms. It can be a great substitute for a wall painting. It actually can change the whole beauty of the room.


However, the question here is how to find the right curtain for living room.


What do right curtains mean?


It’s all about fabric and colour. Choosing right fabric means a lot. Choosing fabric that is too heavy might not go well; even the very light ones also don’t go well, because it will easily slip away from slightest of wind. Curtains with medium weight are the ideal ones. They easily stay in one place, and also don’t move away easily.


You should also consider whether the living room gets lots of sunlight. If it’s so, then don’t choose bright coloured curtains, as it may fade very easily. The best are the neutral coloured curtains, as they easily match any decor that your room may have.


What should be the length of the curtain?


Six inches above the window is the ideal height. Some place window panels even higher. 6 inches are the traditional curtain length. If you place the panel right where the window starts, then, the rooms will look less in height. Higher panels usually give the room the height to the eyes, even though the rooms may not be very high.


The sides should be more than the breath of the window. You must add at least 4 inches on both the sides, so that the window is fully covered, and no sunlight enters through the sides.


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