I have been in the domain name business for quite some time now, and I am still not quite sure what exactly make domain names sell faster.

From what I see, I can say that there is no fixed formula in the domain name business.

Choosing domain names

Some ideas may work for someone, while the same idea may not work for others. You simply have to find what works best for you, and keep on targeting on those lines.


This business has its own uniqueness. The marketing process that brought you success earlier may suddenly become outdated, and you will find that it is no longer working. When that happens, you lose faith on the process that you have been implementing. However, there is one fact that will remain true even in a crunch situation. And that is you must keep buying the right domain names.


You must know how to choose names


Choosing a name is an art by itself. The domain name business has reached a stage where three word names in the most demanding TLD categories are no longer available. Though, you may get a chance to buy it, it will involve huge sums. This is probably, getting into the higher end of the business.


For those who can’t spend such big money, choosing a domain name comes down to factors such as dictionary word names, higher volume of Google search and high earnings per click for those names.


Unless you spend considerable time in the business, you will find it hard to choose names. With time, you will learn the tricks of the trade, and you also need foresight to decide which domain names can be a sound investment.


What does your foresight tells you


It doesn’t matter what marketing methods you employ, you must have the ability to predict which names are going to be profitable in the future. Your predictions should hold true to at least 30-40% of the time in order for you to make any kind of profit. And for that to happen, your knowledge of the business is very significant.


How to gain knowledge about domain name business


If you just depend upon your own experience as a tool to gain knowledge, it will take considerable amount of time. You will lose precious time in the process. Your experience is important, but you also require training – training on how to do domain name business.


Read eBooks on domain name investment. Check articles across the web. It will give you rare insight on business secrets. Keep on hunting for knowledge. You will see that you will be on the road to success very soon.


By Rajiv Sighamony



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