Everything you need to Know about Power Banks

What are power banks?

Power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere. They’re the fastest growing charging electronics in the market and the reason is we’re able to charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops wherever we are.

What types of power banks are there?

There are many different types of power banks in the market. There are many companies that sell power banks because there’s such a high demand for them. As a result, there has been a lot of innovation happening over the years, paving way for many types of chargers in the market. Each type of power bank has its role and specialty that makes it useful.

However, there are two types of power banks that are basically the basis of all power banks, and those are ones that have low and high power capacities. power bank


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The Various Metrics for VoIP and Wide Area Networking

Voice over Internet (VoIP) and Wide Area Network (WAN) are now ubiquitous. Many people nowadays, find it appropriate to use VoIP. Similarly, organisations find it necessary to use VoIP for cross-border calls as opposed to using traditional methods of communication. However, one important aspect about VoIP is the quality. As the use of the technology increases, it becomes necessary for service providers to ensure that they provide VoIP services of the highest possible quality. voice over internet

Interestingly, measuring the quality of VoIP service offering is not as easy as it may sound. On the one hand, this is a relatively new technology that is still developing. On the other hand, we still have a long way to go before we can fully define the particular metrics suitable for measuring VoIP services. Here are a few metrics for VoIP and its related technology, WAN. (more…)

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How To Detect And Replace CMOS Battery Failure of Your Computer

Every computer has a small battery on its motherboard. It is used to provide power to the CMOS on the computer. CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip on your computer remembers everything like Hard Disk, time and date etc. The CMOS battery provides power to the CMOS chip always i.e., even when your computer is OFF to save all the settings. So, it is important at the time of booting of your computer and other tasks.laptop battery

CMOS battery is a small battery fitted on the motherboard of your computer. It has a life of around five years. You need to use the computer regularly to extend the life of the CMOS battery. The computer power supply increases availability of standby current and hence increases life of the battery. (more…)

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Rebuild a Laptop Battery Pack – Step By Step Guideline

If your laptop is not holding a charge even after several hours of recharge, it is time to replace the battery. Your windows will start showing the message “consider replacing the battery” at the lower right side of the taskbar. You will have to find the equivalent model and pay a huge amount to buy a laptop battery. In some cases, you may not find the equivalent battery for your obsolete laptop. One of the best ways to restore your laptop to the normal working condition is by repairing the laptop battery in a cost effective way.

You will find laptops of reputed brands at many online stores. You will be lucky to land on best deals for the laptops being discontinued. However, many users are unaware that laptop batteries need to be replaced after three or four years of usage since the life of the battery decreases after repeated recharges. (more…)

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Review about Program Movavi Photo Focus

Many times when the camera isn’t properly focused on the object you want to capture, the results are disastrous, and the photo gets blurred! Usually, many editors claim to fix blurred photos, but even then they can’t guarantee high-quality results. But with Movavi Photo Focus, you can convert blurred images into good quality pictures. Movavi Photo Focus

Movavi Photo Focus also enables you to ‘add’ blur to images to make them more creative. Usually, blur is added to highlight and put the focus on a specific part of the photograph. If your camera lens isn’t well equipped to add a photographic blur, you can add it later in editing a part by using this awesome software which enables you to highlight and focus any part of the photo, just with the touch of a finger. (more…)

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Iphone 6 VS Iphone 6 plus

Have you been using an Android phone at present?

You will love both these Iphone models even more, because, the iOS based Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus are both somewhat larger, similar to other large android phones, and they even have features that fits with the large screen reputation, with a good battery life.



Iphone 6 VS Iphone 6 plus


Now, to delve deeper, first I will begin with Iphone 6.


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Easy Ways To Create Slideshow

Are you looking for software that will help you to create a slideshow?


Are you getting confused with all the different choices that you find in the market? Well do not get confused.

There is a large number of software in the market that has the ability to create a slide show using the photos, but you have to use the best slideshow software that will surely create an awesome experience for your family and friends who will be watching the slideshow.

Presenting to you Movavi Slideshow Creator – excellent software that can make colourful slideshows, in no time.


slideshow software


Creating a slideshow requires a lot of creativity, but a confusing user interface can surely damage the outcome. Movavi Slideshow Creator boasts of the best and the most lucid user interface that you will never find in other software, which makes it really easy for anyone to operate the software and create the perfect slideshow. Just add the different images and videos that you want in your slide show, connect the slides according to your wish, enhance the overall quality, cut unwanted parts, import audio and your personal slide show is ready. (more…)

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