What you should know about Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is nothing short of essential.

What you do not know about the athletes that you see on the television, competing in the Olympics and breaking world records is that they have a plan in place that allows them to succeed.


If you will succeed at your sport, you too need to insure that your nutrition is the top of the line.  Do you know what you need to do?

sports nutrition

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Ask yourself these questions: (more…)

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Maria Sharapova banned for 2 years

Maria Sharapova has been banned for two years by the highest International tennis body (ITF).

Maria Sharapova

Image Source – Khaleej times

Maria Sharapova was tested positive for banned substance Meldonium during the Australian Open this year. She has said that she has been taking this drug for the last 10 years. Unfortunately, Meldonium has been banned since January 1 2016, and Sharapova seems to have missed the deadline. (more…)

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Columbia seals quarter final berth at Copa America

The 3rd ranked team in the world has entered the quarters Finals of Copa America after defeating Paraguay 2-1 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

james Rodriguez

James Rodriguez scores against Paraguay AFP

James Rodriguez played through pain, and scored the second goal after half time to make it 2-0. The first goal was struck by Carlos Bacca in the 12th minute; however, it was the Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez who sealed the match in Columbia’s favour. (more…)

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Muhammad Ali dies

The world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease more than 3 decades ago dies in Phoenix.

Muhammad Ali


Image: Joe Frazier lands a left hook against Muhammad Ali at the Madison Square Garden in New York 1971. Photograph: Action Images / MSI/File Photo.

It is said that fights in the boxing ring has led to Parkinson’s disease. The blows in his head have somehow sowed the root for Parkinson’s disease. Muhammad Ali was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 3 years after his retirement from the boxing ring. (more…)

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Alan Pulido has been rescued

Mexican international footballer,  Alan Pulido is freed today.

He was kidnapped on Saturday in Tamaulipas state near Ciudad Victoria. The footballer who is currently with Olympiakos in Greece has also played for Mexico numerous times. The abduction that took place in Tamaulipas was a pre-planned attack. Alan Pulido was returning after a party along with his girlfriend when the kidnappers who were in a group of 6 took him away from his car, while leaving his girlfriend unharmed. Alan Pulido

Image source: cdn Alan Pulido


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IPL 2016 final is turning out to be exciting

Sunrises Hyderabad have produced a great performance and their batsmen have crossed 200 runs in the allotted 20 overs.  Though, the total looks good, but in Bengaluru this total might look small, especially with smaller grounds. Royal Challengers Chahal in the mid break interview said that with dew it will become a little difficult for the bowlers to hold on to the ball, which may go in favour of their batsmen. ipl final live


Image Source: AFP

And the dew has indeed spread on the field. In the last few overs of Sunrises Hyderabad innings, the bowlers were struggling to grip the ball. (more…)

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Nadal injuries shattered dreams of his 10th French open crown

As French open 2016 has entered its second week, there is one question every tennis fan wants to talk about.


Tennis fans love to share their opinion on who can win this year’s French Open men’s title.  Can Nadal again add to his tally of 9 French Open titles? Will he be able to pass the Djokovich hurdle?


Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal announces he is pulling out of the French Open. (Source AP)


Nadal is slated to meet Djokovich in the semi finals, if the players stay true to the draw. (more…)

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Champions league final 2016

The day has arrived, and time will come to a standstill, when the two giants from Madrid will fight for the coveted trophy in the champions league final.


There is another surprise finalist and he will be none other than referee Mark Clattenburg.  He will be running down the pitch at San Siro Stadium, after just one week when he was a referee at Wembley in the FA cup final. champions league final Real coach

Image Source: bbc.com


It will be Zinedin Zidane’s first champions league final as the head coach. The pundits say that the contest will be played more on the chessboard, rather than on the actual field. However, it will all boil down to how the teams execute the plans on the field. No matter what the coach plans, it’s the players ability to implement the plans that will matter in the end. (more…)

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Why Chong Wei Lee falters at the very last hurdle

I am a great fan of Chong Wei Lee.


And I have seen his matches very closely. Just to tell you, how big a fan I am, I have travelled more than 1500 kilometres to watch him play in the Super Series. And I have done it twice. I have seen all his big matches live on television.

lin dan lee chong wei

Lin Chong Wei and Lin dan

Image Source : thestar.com

He is an amazing player. He is fit. He is fit even now; perhaps, quite rare for someone who is 33 years of age. In badminton terms, if you have crossed 30, then you are considered past your prime. (more…)

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Can Federer win another Grand Slam Championship

As soon as this year’s Wimbledon ended, everyone seems to be asking the question about Federer’s possibility of winning another Grand Slam championships.


Is it possible for him to win his 18th Grand Slam championship?


Many agree that Federer has lost quite a lot of an edge, to stay competitive for two weeks.


Roger Federer


Image Source: Dailymail.co.uk
To stay fit and competitive for two weeks may not be easy for someone who has reached 33 in tennis terms. He can win odd matches against Djokovich over three sets in much lesser tournament, which ends in a week or less. (more…)

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