Why sometimes relationships do not work

We often take relationships for granted.

Normally, we don’t try to analyze our relationships, till it goes wrong. And when it goes wrong, it is already late.


Relationships require servicing, similar to a car, which requires servicing every month.


When you forget to service your car, your car may malfunction. That is exactly what happens with a relationship.


We don’t give a dime to what our husbands or wives think about us. What I am saying is true. Did you ever try to figure out why your spouse reacted differently yesterday? You may view it as a normal behaviour and pass it off. Things may become normal after a while, and the same behaviour again takes you by storm. If you don’t find the exact cause of the repeat behaviour, you are into some serious trouble. (more…)

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What to do when you know you have committed a blunder in a marriage relationship

Why marriages succeed or fail?


The first thing that you can actually do is think hard on why you committed a blunder. Mistakes do happen, but why the blunder. It says that you have been committing mistakes repeatedly. Mistakes are small little actions that do not affect the outcome much, but there’s a problem associated with it.


Why Marriages Succeed Or fail


Mistakes make you bolder. It gives you that extra confidence that you can get away with it, just because you have been getting away for so long. Every time you get away with a mistake, you are making a move on a subconscious level to make even more dangerous mistakes. And that leads to blunder. When you get in that zone, you are living dangerously.



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