Hurricane Matthew approaches US

The people of US are gearing up to face one of the fiercest hurricanes in recent times. Hurricane Matthew has been creating havoc in Caribbean and is set to hit the coast of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. There are reports that the hurricane has taken more than 25 lives, and is set to create more havoc in the coming days.

major hurricane matthew

Empty Stores along the US coastal town


More than 2 million people have been asked to leave their homes and look for safer places. Reports confirm that people from the coast in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia are fleeing inland. Shop owners are emptying their stores and preparing to lower the damages. The hurricane is making its way past the Bahamas, and will be soon in the vicinity of US coasts. (more…)

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6 die in Munich terrorist attack

There are reports of gunmen attack in Munich, Germany where at least 6 people have been reported dead.

The attack took place at a Munich Mall. There are many injured in the shooting. Preliminary reports suggest that there are at least 3 gunmen who are still at large.

munich shooting

Munich Police tweets after the shooting


The German Police have confirmed that it was a terrorist attack. The attack has taken place outside McDonalds. Eyewitness says there were many shots fired and people have been seen running for cover. Some hid behind store cabinet; everyone was trying his or her best to escape shooting. (more…)

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Sabato says ‘Obama a Muslim’

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr in his speech at the Republican National Convention says that Obama is a Muslim. He says that he fully believes Barrack Obama is not a Christian. He continues saying, he knows how Christians are. He is himself a Christian, and he firmly believes Obama doesn’t follow God.

donald trump

Donald Trump at one of his earlier rallies

Sabato has strong words when he mentions that US president Barrack Obama doesn’t go to church, and he is definitely on the other side. He grew up there, and  that’s where he comes from. (more…)

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Bangladesh capital under terrorist attack

Bangladesh capital Dhaka has been under an attack by the terrorists.

According to the reports pouring in terrorists have kidnapped at least 20 foreigners from a popular upmarket restaurant in Dhaka. Witnesses say they heard a blast and shots around the Holey Artesan bakery in a very high security zone in the capital.

Dhaka hostage crisis

O’Kitchen restaurant where gunmen attacked in Dhaka


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Varsity Blues actor Ron Lester dies

Ron Lester is dead.

Ron Lester

Ron Lester

The actor who starred in ‘Varsity Blues’ has died at the age of 45 after a prolonged illness. Ron Lester was struggling with liver and kidney problems for a long time. He was in the hospital for the last 4 months. He always had issues with obesity in the past. He even gained weight up to 508 pounds at one point. (more…)

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What killed British Labour MP Jo Cox

In a terrible incident in Northern England, a 52 year old man shot British MP Jo Cox.

Jo Cox

British MP Jo Cox

He shot at least twice initially, and when Jo Cox fell on the ground he began stabbing her. He shot her for the third time on her face. He again wanting to shoot her began loading his gun, just when another old man of 77 years tackled him and prevented him to shoot for the 4th time. However, it was too late. (more…)

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Donald Trump Dallas Rally on June 16th

If you want to hear Trump speak, head down to South Lamar Street, the rally is expected to start at 7 PM.

For those who are not sure of the exact address, here is one –

Gilley’s Dallas – South Side Ballroom
1135 S. Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215 

Here are few more details you need to know – (more…)

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Stories doing rounds in the aftermath of Orlando nightclub shooting

A day has passed since the shooting incident at the Pulse Gay bar, and yet stories about Orlando shooting have not died down.

pulse gay bar

Two women hold each other at a vigil outside The Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street, following the shooting massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., June 12, 2016. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

Club authorities recall how the club has prepared for the Saturday night special Latin Flavour. There were around 300 patrons on the fateful night and more than 50 have died with 50 more injured. The party went on way into Sunday Morning when it all began. (more…)

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Orlando shooting – shooter dead

Shooting occurred at a Central Florida night club at around 2 AM on Sunday. A witness said that Orlando shooting took place with around 100 people still inside the club.

pulse orlando

Pulse Orlando shooting scene Image Source-

The shooting happened when people inside were probably having their last sip. Pulse Orlando is a famous gay night club. It was 2 hours past midnight when it posted on its facebook page, asking guests to leave Pulse at the earliest, just after the shooting. (more…)

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