What I learnt after my first 8 months in the stock market

I am able to lose less now. Yes, when I started my journey, I lost more. I had no control on how to take hold of my losses. When I look back now and follow my past 8 months, I feel that I am much more decisive these days. I find that I am able to get out of a trade when I want to, as compare to what I did earlier. Initially, I waited for things to turn in my favour, instead of getting out of a trade and cutting my losses. How to invest in the stock market

Now, I am in a zone where discipline has become my forte. Importantly, I am trading much less. I have learnt the significance of stop-losses. (more…)

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My first two months in the stock market

The idea to trade in stocks came after one of my friends shared his story on his intraday trading success. I didn’t join then, took my own time, and finally when I decided I was prepared to face the consequences of my action. Initially, it looked so easy. My first stock was a cash buy, and I made a profit the very next day. stock market

It didn’t took me long to realize that if I indeed want to make money faster, I will have to begin with intraday trading.  I was trying to understand how the trading takes place. I would watch training videos, and read print materials. I was very optimistic about my earning possibilities.` (more…)

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ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Mutual Fund has rewards

Mutual Funds have always fascinated me, and I thought why not write something which may help readers to choose one, if they desire so. This not a review and readers are free to voice their opinion in the comments section.  

Returns Percentage

Returns Percentage

Value discovery fund has given a fair performance.  There is no entry load and 1 % exit load for redemption within a year, makes it a perfect plan for investors. It has low risk with investments across the fields, which includes, financial, energy, diversified, technology and healthcare. (more…)

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Can you earn money on arts and collectibles

Arts and collectibles are an excellent source to make money, but the question here is whether you have the original one


The market is flooded with numerous fake ones, especially when you buy paintings and fine wine. Even the best-known painting bought from the most famous art gallery can be a fake. There is definitely some degree of risk when buying arts and collectibles, but if you can make the right judgement, you will go home richer by millions.


It is never easy to make the right choice while choosing art pieces. The best business people also commit uncanny mistakes, which they typically do not commit when dealing with their traditional businesses. It’s their passion for winning painting, a car, or even fine wine, which leads them to overlook finer details. They miss vital truth when dealing with the seller. (more…)

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