How to Combat Stress with these 6 Good Nutrition foods

Stress often happens when we can’t seem to keep up with life’s demands.

When the fight or flight response is constantly activated, the body’s ability to ward off disease decreases. Prolonged stress has a negative impact on our emotions, our immune system functioning, cardiovascular health and gut microflora. While our body can adapt to stress, it can only do so to a certain extent. This is where nutrients in food come in handy. Many nutrients are found to help the organism cope with high-stress levels. If you need help keeping stress under control, try eating these 6 nutritious foods.stress relieving foods


  1. Parmesan cheese


A hundred grams of parmesan cheese contains almost 2000 mg of tyrosine, an essential amino acid important for the development of neurotransmitters. Stress depletes levels of neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine which is responsible for the feelings of pleasure. Stress also depletes the levels of the norepinephrine which can lead to a decrease in cognitive performance. Stress caused by sleep deprivation can result in performance decline and low mood. One study found that tyrosine supplements counteracted the negative effects of sleep deprivation. So, if you can’t get your regular dose of sleep and it is impacting your stress levels, sprinkle some parmesan cheese over your dishes. (more…)

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4 diseases likely to get transmitted during sex

Unprotected sex can be dangerous if you don’t know your partner.


It is highly advised to have protected sex.


However, if you prefer unprotected sex, then you must also know the consequences that may happen. There are diseases that may transmit during sex. Here is the list of 4 diseases likely to transmit during sex.

sex diseases
This is one disease no one wants to get even close by. AIDS is dangerous, and one of the primary ways to acquire it is through unprotected sex. AIDS is caused by HIV. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) kills blood cells that fight normal body infection. As this virus starts finishing off blood cells, and moves to an advanced stage, AIDS is formed. Other ways of acquiring is through sharing of syringe needles. (more…)

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How to treat acne

Acne is a kind of skin disorder


which occurs as a result of irritation, perhaps caused due to some kind of irritation arsing out of hair follicles and skin glands. Generally, people have a very wrong opinion about the formation of acnes. They believe that acnes can be washed away, but in reality, acnes are formed under the surface of the skin, which makes it impossible to wash it away.

how to treat acne

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You will have to follow a certain process to treat acne. Here is how you do it. (more…)

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Benefits of weight loss holidays

It’s a new term, perhaps, many are not even aware of.

Losing weight during holidays sounds awkward.


We all have this tendency to overeat when we are on holidays, and, therefore, to imagine losing weight while holidaying could be very challenging. Let me tell you there are some serious benefits of weight loss holidays.

benefits of weight loss
Here is what you need to do (more…)

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