Rate Calculator For Debt Consolidation

People who deal with credit cards and have taken a loan or have a pending balance on the credit cards would easily understand the meaning and importance of the cibil score or the credit score. Cibil or credit score or report simply denotes a graph where an account holder’s reputation in terms of paying back the loan is straight away reflected. The score truly depends upon the behavior of the debtor towards his or her cards and the loan payments. debt consolidation

A high cibil score means that the account holder is responsible enough to pay all his installments and interests on time. This score is calculated on a very technical platform where various aspects such as the due date maintenance, regular payments, past loan repayments etc. are calculated. In case a person fails to pay the periodical interest on time or have missed out on the due dates or is irregular towards the loan payments then the cibil score gets decreased which denotes that the particular debtor is not good at paying back the debts he or she holds. (more…)

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Bad Credit And Its Refinancing

Bad credit or bad debt is a situation where the chance of recovering a loan gets null. From the debtor’s end it is a situation where one does not have the finance to pay back the debt or loans that he or she has borrowed from the creditors. The two major steps that is required to be taken in such sort of a bad debt situation involves the following- bankruptcy

1. Bankruptcy– it is one of the alternatives that people often choose when they are in the situation of a bad debt. People opt for declaring themselves as bankrupt and they have an intuition that the problems would end there which is just a myth. The truth lies in the fact that the problems do not end at the declaration of bankruptcy.The creditors would anyhow want to get their money back and then the law or the jurisdiction has to play its role in getting the money out from the debtor in any way possible. (more…)

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Guidelines To Consolidate Loans

When a person is stuck with debts all around and cannot cope up with the due dates and periodical payments, it is likely that the person’s reputation with the creditors and of course the cibil score in case of credit cards debts would go for a toss. It will directly have its effects on the cibil score and decrease the report. consolidate loans

A bad cibil score would mean that the debtor would face problems in applying for further loans and would not be issued with any new credit cards as well. In order to bring oneself out of this hectic situation, people look for the various debts settlement agencies that work for the debtors under bad credits. Just finding out a debt settlement agency and getting enrolled with a plan is not a wise thing to do. (more…)

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Can someone teach me how to make the right use of money

Saving money is different from using money in a right way


During my teens, I was stingy with cash. I didn’t had enough cash then to spend the way I want, and therefore, there was not much of a choice for me.

use of money

Slowly when I grew up, I started spending too much. I would finish all I earned even before the month was over. That sort of spending eventually became my habit. My habits made me a slave to spending. I had no control on what I earned. I began spending without giving any thought to my future. (more…)

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Shall I invest on Exxon

Executive Summary

Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) is the largest publicly traded oil company in the United States.


The company produces 2.2 million barrels of oil a day and over 11.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas. The company is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. Exxon Mobil in the past has been a strong blue chip stock for investors seeking stability, dividends, and some conservative investors. Given the recent market volatility, I decided to explore more options for solid dividend paying companies that may go on “sale” in the near future.

exxon stock price

FILE – In this May 21, 2015 file photo, workers prepare an oil containment boom at Refugio State Beach, north of Goleta, Calif. The cost of cleaning up the largest coastal oil spill in California in 25 years has climbed to $92 million. The figure was disclosed Wednesday, June 24, 2015, by Patrick Hodgins of pipeline operator Plains All American Pipeline. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

Image Source: yahoo news





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Do you wish to own a franchise in New York

If yes, then read this……..


How long have you been in a job?


Maybe 5 years, 10 years or maybe 15 years. I know how it feels to work day in and day out. For some, it’s not working, it’s slogging. And when you toil to make a living, it makes you hollow. You search for excuses every day to slip out of work. It’s never easy, because if you keep on slipping, you may well be fired.




Waking up and going to work can be really annoying, particularly when you do not enjoy your job. Many of you somehow manage to tolerate the daily rigours of putting up at a place where you don’t enjoy. And you do it, not out of choice, but out of necessity, because you don’t have any options left. (more…)

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