Importance of star ruby stone

Ruby is a precious stone worn for its strength, protection against evils, and the charm of nobility associated with it.

It stands for love and passion, drawing good luck and friends. The star ruby, a rare variety of ruby, amplifies these effects and powers of ruby. Star ruby is a rare kind of ruby, which is cherished for exhibiting asterism. It gets its unique name from the 6-rayed star that shines over the surface when you move it.

ruby stone

The Star Characteristics

The star ruby gets its “star effect” from its rutile inclusions which are like needles. It is also the rutile that gives it the silky shimmer. Ruby can have a luster that’s almost equivalent to fine diamond when it’s polished. (more…)

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Online shoppers are now offering incredible discounts

My internet security has expired and I was in pursuit of a good online antivirus cum internet security solution. I went offline and visited two stores, and the prices they offer was a little too higher.





What makes online shopping sites sell for far less than their offline counterparts?

Although, the prices in the offline stores were higher but it was definitely lesser than the print price on the box. However, not all online offers are cheaper. My internet security renewal price at one of the manufacturing company’s website was much higher. When I did browse online I found that one of the popular online store was offering the very same product at almost 50% discount, which is amazing.



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Choosing curtains for your living room

Let me tell you something, curtains are necessary. You certainly don’t want to let people know what you may be doing inside the room. And especially, when you are making love with your husband, or your partner, you will definitely not want others see your lips locked.

curtains for your living room

However, curtains also decorate your rooms. It can be a great substitute for a wall painting. It actually can change the whole beauty of the room.


However, the question here is how to find the right curtain for living room. (more…)

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4 new fashion styles for women

Fashion is evolving with each passing day. When you look at the shopping mall and the trendiest shopping places across cities, you will know there’s something new you have not come across the last time around. There are so many fashion designers across the globe, and each of these designers keeps working on their ideas, they do the research on how a certain style will appear on someone, with certain structure. And this leads to new styles with each passing day.

style for women


Image Source: Vogue
Importantly, more than men, it’s the women who are the target of fashion designers. Men don’t have a lot of choice, but women do have. Therefore, new fashion innovations happen for women.

Here are the 4 new fashion styles for women. (more…)

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5 best fashion tips for men

Fashion is all about attitude especially for men.


Even if you are underdressed, but if you carry a great attitude, your personality reflects your style. Your attitude has the potential to become a great style statement. However, it is important to carry the right kind of attitude.


fashion tips for men


Image Source: Ask Men

Here are few simple fashion tips for men. (more…)

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5 best fashion tips for women

Some women dress so well, yet they miss out on simple vital steps, which makes their dressing a little off.


It is important to understand the smaller details of fashionable secrets, which takes your dressing to a new high. It’s the little accessories, your attitude, and when you know how to match your attitude with your outfit your whole dressing sense leaves a mesmerising impact.


fashion tips for women


Image Source:
Don’t let others see too much of your body
It is important to understand how style works. Don’t show most of your body. It leaves a bad taste. Choose just one part of your body and make it bare. When you do that, you are allowing the outfit to become the focal point. Your styling sense emerges and people will appreciate your dressing sense. (more…)

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