6 Retention Marketing Tips for Bloggers

There was a time when marketing and sales were considered one in the same. Yet, with advances in technology, traditional business functions have become more granular. In addition, we can segment our target audience in a myriad of ways from location to age to purchase history and more. When it comes to blogging, marketing strategies are focused on obtaining new visitors and maintaining a loyal audience.

marketing tips for bloggers

While it’s often the case that some bloggers are focused on attracting new visitors, an increasing number of bloggers are turning towards marketing with their current fanbase in mind. This is known as retention marketing, or lifecycle marketing. It is also known as loyalty marketing. The goal is to keep your visitors happy and coming back for more. (more…)

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How can inspiration inspire us to become successful in life

We all fall under the magic wand of inspiration at some point of time in our lives. It’s hard to figure out why we do.

I do remember I was once inside the auditorium attending a personality development presentation. The presentation went on, and I kept on admiring the one who has been delivering the speech. He was the kind of person many would applaud. He was articulate, and able to justify an argument with incredible ease. He probably inspired everyone, and it was no different inside the hall that day.


To my amazement, the person sitting next to me is not impressed. He seems not too convinced, and somehow lost. I decide to meet him after the lecture session, and I find that he did not seem amused, by all the talk that took place. While the same presentation inspired me, it was, unfortunately, not the same for the guy sitting next to me. (more…)

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Why you should learn to accept advice from others

Lot of us don’t seem to like the idea of getting advice from others.


Those who don’t look for advice can never become successful enough.


They are bound to fail at some juncture in their life, simply because their mind doesn’t have enough to know everything in life. There is a saying, which says ‘always look for advice, even if you don’t follow any, still look for advice because it opens the horizon of your brain’. accept advice
You may be the one who is not ready to even learn to accept advice. Strangely enough, you don’t even realize that you need advice. You have programmed your mind in such a way that you believe what you have been thinking is always right. This attitude leads you nowhere. (more…)

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What makes a person successful in life

Success is a feeling. When you taste success in life, you know that feeling. Once you feel it, you like to pursue the feeling forever.

That is the beauty of success.


The feeling of success stands on its own.

what makes people successful

It’s important for a person to understand what brings that rare feeling. The secret of success is hidden in the process of knowing what brings the feeling of success. If you know how to unlock the secret, there is no end to the vast opportunities that you will get in the road to success. What is that which will help you unlock the secret? (more…)

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Essential traits of a successful boss

Bosses are typically unique.


Every successful boss will somehow come out with a strangely unique feature.


Though, individually, some of these bosses never had certain quality when they were not bosses, however, when they eventually became a boss, they somehow inculcate rare qualities, which either make them great, or make them appear utterly foolish.


successful boss
Experience plays a critical role in the making of a boss. When he begins to taste success, he also begins to learn and inculcate new traits. There is a sharp contrast in the way a boss is before he becomes successful, and after he becomes successful. The same qualities that he has before he becomes successful may not be distinctly visible. However, once he attains success, the hidden qualities that a boss has come to the fore, and those who see him suddenly finds a new boss. (more…)

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What makes some blog successful

It is indeed hard to pin point one particular factor that makes blog big.


If you notice successful blogs you will find that there’s one thing that stands true, and that is it takes time.


You will have to wait and exercise patience. It’s very rare that blogs run away with success within a month or two, unless, perhaps, you decide to sell it off.


how to create a successful blog

Copyright: pixelsaway / 123RF Stock Photo
Choosing the right niche
Some niches do work for someone, and may not work for others. This one is really hard to figure out as why some of these niches work so well for someone, while others struggle to handle blogs from the same niche. It could be your knowledge. If you have gained knowledge through your experience on a certain niche, then that niche will work for you. (more…)

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