10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well (Infographic)

Did you ever imagine being a physician, an attorney or an engineer when you were still young? Do you remember your parents’ constant reminder to study hard, making these occupations as an example proven to make you wealthy and successful?

But, these are not the only positions listed as the best paying jobs. You can be successful and excel at any career, and as long as you are devoted and determined in pursuing it, you will certainly bring home a large amount of income. Other posts are management, jobs in information technology and entrepreneurship which nowadays offer a compelling amount of pay.

Apart from the professions mentioned, there is a variety of offerings that reward lump sum amounts of money.

We can tell you that there are other unique livelihoods that may not be quite familiar to you but could give you more pay. Being a virtual head hunter, for instance, could take care of your bills. This is just one of the various jobs that could pay you more than what is sufficient for your needs.

Here is an infographic that we made including the peculiar jobs that can pay you well.  (more…)

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Which is the best freelancing site at the moment

I have been in the online sector for quite a long time, and I would like to offer my own perception on how freelancing sites have evolved over a period of time.


There were few good sites such as helium.com and Triond.com only for the writers. I remember freelancers were earning good then. Helium would run contests every week, and there would be attractive cash prices for the right freelancer.

freelancing sites
Those sites and few others were only for freelance writers. The arrival of Fiverr actually changed all that, simply because with Fiverr, the opportunities to take advantage were equal for both the freelancers and the recruiters. It is not just about writing or translation; you can basically have any online job done for yourself. Though, helium also had a good number of advertisers base who were looking for writers, but Fiverr have a huge base of recruiters and freelancers on every field. (more…)

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Why IQ test becomes so essential

Modern day competitive world requires intelligence. You need intelligence to compete in every field, right from jobs to admissions in universities. The best job goes to the person with a decent intelligence level. When you don’t have certain level of intelligence, it becomes extremely difficult to compete with the rest. And therefore, it becomes all the more essential to know how intelligent you are.

When you know that you carry a certain level of intelligence, you gain confidence and move with authority in your respective field. The intelligence test is one of the ways to understand your intelligence level. (more…)

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How to lead an organization

Leading an organization is like pulling an organization. Now, how do you pull an organization?


You just can’t pull an organization by your hands. You need to pull it with your mind. It is exactly the same when you watch a train pass by.

leadership training

A train has an engine, which pulls the compartments all together. An engine has fuel, and that allows it to pull the train all at once. There is an important element that we can learn here. A train doesn’t leave any compartment to be pulled later. Each pull takes care of the whole train. (more…)

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Overcoming freelancing drawbacks

Freelancers know their drawbacks very well. If you ask me, I can tell you at least one area, which troubles me more often.


Freelancing is quite unpredictable.


It is scary. You just don’t know when you will be out of work. You don’t know when you will be short on money. And therefore, freelancers should know how to manage finances during good days; otherwise, it’s very hard to keep on freelancing full time, or even part time for that matter. Overcoming freelancing drawbacks


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How bad is nepotism at the workplace

Nepotism exists at work and we all know that


Anyone who has worked or has been working in a company knows someone who has been a victim of nepotism. Favoritism has never been a talking point, because it has been taken for granted. Every workplace has witnessed employees being victimized due to biased decisions taken by the higher authorities.

nepotism at work
At times it goes so bad that victims are forced to leave, and look for jobs elsewhere. Still, no one likes to talk about the issue of nepotism. It is only because humans love being biased. They want to take sides even if it means killing the chances of the deserving employees. (more…)

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How to become a good manager

Managers are not born, they are made


They are made not by others but by themselves. There are gurus and teachers who can provide clues, help you to understand the basics, but ultimately it is you who will have to implement the new found ideas. Managing people can be a difficult task if you can’t read people. Your ability to read people arises from how well you discern.


how to become a good manager

Even though you may not have the ability to judge people correctly, yet, by following few established rules you can become a good manager. (more…)

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How to handle your boss

Bosses can be a tough nut to crack at times.

And unless you know what your boss is up to, you can’t handle him.


It’s important to read your boss’s mind, and understand how he thinks about things. When you are able to read him, you will be in a better position to deal with him.

how to handle your boss
How will you know how he thinks and what he wants? (more…)

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