In a terrible incident in Northern England, a 52 year old man shot British MP Jo Cox.

Jo Cox

British MP Jo Cox

He shot at least twice initially, and when Jo Cox fell on the ground he began stabbing her. He shot her for the third time on her face. He again wanting to shoot her began loading his gun, just when another old man of 77 years tackled him and prevented him to shoot for the 4th time. However, it was too late.

Jo Cox, 41, was a huge supporter of Britain in the European Union. She has been very vociferous about her opinion and pressed about Britain staying in the European Union.  Thomas Mair, the man who presumably shot her dead is 52 years of age. He has been having mental problems. And according to his brother Scott Mair, although, Thomas has had mental issues, it’s still pretty shocking for him to do such a thing.

Reports suggest that Thomas Mair has been associated with Pro apartheid magazine. Witnesses say that he also shouted “Britain First” and “Put Britain first” while he shot. “Britain First” is a right wing group that supports Brexit. However, the organization has refuted claims that Thomas Mair was in any way associated with them.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of outpouring of grief across Britain. In a live television address, Lord Kinnock recalled how her death has left a void and described her death as a big loss.


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