If you happen to walk opposite the PETRONAS tower in Kualalumpur, right across from opposite the Surya KLCC, you will come across a road, which takes you to a bunch of night clubs in the Kualalumpur city.


That particular lane houses Honolulu night club, there is also a Bollywood theme music night club, but the one I am trying to talk about is Beach Club kl.

Then there’s Aloha nearby.


If a person can hire a taxi and go to Changkat Bukit Bintang, he will come across, lots of restaurants, bars, and pubs having a party atmosphere. kl beach club

However, none can match Beach club, from a pure entertainment perspective. There is a slogan pasted on a steel plate near the gate. It says – “if you have not visited Beach Club, then you have never been to KL”. As soon as you get to the entrance, you will find a board, which has entry fee description, along with the list of drinks, one would like to have. The first drink is complimentary.

The entry charge for a person is RM40 during weekends, which includes a free drink, or beer. If a person is not keen to have any drink, he can opt for a glass of lime water.  If you go during weekdays, the Beach Club kl has a reduced rate of RM35, that’s the cheapest a person can find. The entertainment begins, as soon as a person enters the gate. The atmosphere is electrifying, the early part of Saturday nights might feature, a guest band that will entertain the guests with hot songs and the current hit from the musical chart.

As the time progresses, the DJs take over from there, and then it is all about dance and music. But what no one likes to miss is the beautiful girls making rounds. There are many of them. The most prominent feature of Beach Club in Kualalumpur is the international flavour, one will come across. There are women from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, the Chinese girls are in plenty, and then there are tourists girls who are from far off places like Turkey, Iran, and then there are few from Africa.

All these girls make the atmosphere more electrifying. You can choose to strike a conversation with a woman of your liking, provided she is alone, and wish to speak to you. Once you start a conversation, the onus is on you, on how far you can get on the day. Tourists should remember that Beach Club is a popular night club in Kualalumpur, and it has remained so for quite some time, and one should always stay within the rules, and not irk the management of the club. Freedom should be respected and discipline must be ensured.

There are two counter bars on the left hand side of the entrance, one is straight, a walk up straight to the counter bar, and the other on the left hand side of the entrance. You will also find a big counter bar, which is located right near the stage. Guests can choose the location according to where they want to be seated.

The club remains open till 3A.M. in the morning, and people can get back home with the help of many taxis lined up outside the entrance. A visit to Beach Club is a must for tourists, who can use this opportunity to know more about Kualalumpur, and what entertainment KL nightlife can offer its tourists.


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